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Updated: 22 hours 18 min ago

Ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik's solo song is causing drama

22 hours 19 min ago

Less than a week after Zayn Malik announced he was leaving One Direction, we already have a taste of what his solo career might sound like

Naughty Boy, a producer who worked with Sam Smith on his breakout album In the Lonely Hour, released Malik's demo "I Won't Mind" on Twitter

See also: The Internet is flooded with crying teens because Zayn left One Direction

It's a soulful acoustic jam, but whatever promise of a solo career it might indicate has been completely overshadowed by Twitter drama

It started when Naughty Boy tweeted a video claiming that "Naught Boy saved Zaughty."

@naughtyboymus: The truth

— X (@DdguX) March 30, 2015

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When people feared computers

22 hours 45 min ago

In the early 1980s, the age of the personal computer had arrived and "computerphobia" was suddenly everywhere. Sufferers experienced "a range of resistances, fears, anxieties, and hostilities," according to the 1996 book Women and Computers. "These can take such forms as fear of physically touching the computer or of damaging it and what's inside it, a reluctance to read or talk about computers, feeling threatened by those who do know something about them, feeling that you can be replaced by a machine, become a slave to it, or feeling aggressive towards computers."

Humans often converge around massive technological shifts — around any change, really — with a flurry of anxieties. In the early days of the telephone, people wondered if the machines might be used to communicate with the dead. Today, it is the smartphone that has people jittery. (Are iPhones making us stupid? Lazy? Narcissistic? Anti-social?) Read more...

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What centuries-old poop parasites teach us about international travel

Monday Mar 30th 2015

The excavation of a roughly 500-year-old latrine in Jerusalem has uncovered thousands of eggs from human parasites, including some that may have come from Northern Europe, a new study finds.

The people who used the latrine may have been long-distance traders or on a pilgrimage, likely from Northern Europe, where these parasites were common, the researchers said.

"While we will never know for sure why they made this journey, pilgrims and traders would be a plausible explanation," said the study's senior researcher, Piers Mitchell, a lecturer of biological anthropology at the University of Cambridge in England Read more...

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The 11 best jokes from the Justin Bieber roast

Monday Mar 30th 2015

It's the event of a lifetime: Comedy Central held its Justin Bieber roast Monday night

Bieber was an easy target for mockery, of course. But that didn't stop the panel of roasters, including Ludacris, Martha Stewart, Pete Davidson and Natasha Leggero, from bringing their A-game. The lineup called out the pop star from everything to his haircut to his pet monkey to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez

See also: Justin Bieber's 'Comedy Central Roast': The apology was real, the monkey was not

Bieber took the zingers in stride. He probably saved those tears for the mop bucket

We've tallied up some of the best insults; feel free to peruse them whenever you think your life has gone astray Read more...

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Indiana paper crafts blistering front page response to 'anti-gay' law

Monday Mar 30th 2015

It's rare for a local newspaper to make waves in a national debate — rarer still for a local newspaper with a front page editorial.

But the Indianapolis Star managed to do both Monday night when it unveiled its front page for Tuesday: a blistering attack on the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed by Governor Mike Pence last week, the only state law that allows individuals to cite religious reasons in discriminating against other individuals

Critics across the country say the law is a thinly-disguised attack on LGBT individuals in the state

See also: Apple CEO Tim Cook pens op-ed blasting Indiana's 'anti-gay' law Read more...

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How to use tech for social change: a recap of our +SocialGood UK event

Monday Mar 30th 2015

Inspired by the Social Good Summit, +SocialGood UK was designed to amplify the voices of people who want to share world-changing ideas and spark action throughout the global community.

See also: Social Good Summit quotes to inspire you before Friday's +SocialGood UK

The event brought together government officials, policy makers, social entrepreneurs, technologists and corporate leaders from around the world to discuss how technology is driving social change

While +SocialGood UK took place in London, the conversations on social media extended to a global audience on social media using the hashtag #2030NOW Read more...

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Probing the whole Internet — in under an hour — for major security flaws

Monday Mar 30th 2015

When a major flaw in the encryption that secures websites was revealed this March, Zakir Durumeric, a research fellow at the University of Michigan, was the first person to know how serious it was. By performing a scan of every device on the Internet he realized its full potential, before even the researchers who had first identified the flaw, known as FREAK.

"There were questions as to the correct way to respond before we did the scan," says Durumeric.

See also: 5 super easy tips for better online security on Safer Internet Day

Afterwards there weren't. The scan showed that more than 5 million sites were affected, including those operated by the FBI, Apple, and Google. Facebook's like button, a fixture on many popular sites, was also vulnerable. The results prompted an urgent, careful effort to inform key companies and organizations before the problem was announced publicly. Read more...

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'Friends' remix turns 'House of Cards' into a sitcom

Monday Mar 30th 2015

His job's definitely not a joke. He's not broke. But his love life may well be D.O.A.

First it was The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, House of Cards is getting its own Friends remix

The theme song turns the dark Netflix drama into a quirky comedy revolving around Frank and Claire Underwood and their crazy lives in Washington, D.C.

Let's be honest though, anything is an improvement over the current House of Cards theme song — which seems to last an eternity.

Fan-made Super Mario 64 HD lets you smash Goombas in your browser

See what happens when molten lava meets ice

Meteorologist pulls odd object out of his suit on live TV

13 mind-bending thoughts about photography

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Transport app Moovit has arrived in Australia

Monday Mar 30th 2015

There's a new player in town that plans to get us moving at a faster pace, using the power of people and public transport.

Moovit, a startup founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, has launched its transportation app in Australia. The app is much like other transport apps available in Australian cities, but the company hopes to create a national network, instead of the current state-based systems.

See also: Amazon is testing drones in Canada, just 2,000 feet from the U.S. border

The app is currently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth, and already has secured more than 200,000 users from beta trials. If it sees the same success locally that it has seen across the world, it will no doubt increase those figures rapidly Read more...

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70 songs to celebrate Eric Clapton's 70th birthday

Monday Mar 30th 2015

It's hard to believe, but rock legend Eric Clapton turns 70 on Monday

To celebrate his impressive career, we put together a Music Monday playlist full of his greatest hits — one for every year of his amazing life so far.

See also: How an Electric Guitar Actually Works

Rock on, Mr. Clapton

Have something to add to our playlist? Share it with us in the comments, below, or on Spotify, and we'll add it in.

How to share your song with us

1. To follow Mashable on Spotify, click here. If a popup window asks you to launch an external application, accept. This just means the browser will open up Spotify. Read more...

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10 crafty April Fools' pranks to play on your kids

Monday Mar 30th 2015

There's no harm in playing an innocent prank on your little ones, especially on April Fools' Day

Your kids are used to nothing but affection the other 364 days out of the year, so you deserve one day to cut loose and play just one (or two) tiny, harmless jokes at their expense.

See also: 17 morning pranks to start April Fools' Day right

Don't worry — your precious little angels know you love them, and they'll probably get you back next year. (Or by the end of the day.)

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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14 ways Robert Kirkman and George R.R. Martin are basically the same person

Monday Mar 30th 2015

Warning: For this list is dark and full of spoilers.

There are few shows that damage your psyche quite like Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. The two will rip your heart out and leave you addicted.

Fortunately for the human heart, these shows align perfectly in air time. While Walking Dead came to the end of a perfectly amazing season Sunday night, fans of a good brain squeeze only have to wait two weeks before replacing zombie gore with a good old-fashioned Thronedown. Because when it comes down to it, there really aren't that many differences between George R.R. Martin and Robert Kirkman.

See also: 21 one-star reviews for 'Game of Thrones' Read more...

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Amazon is testing drones in Canada, just 2,000 feet from the U.S. border

Monday Mar 30th 2015

Amazon is testing its drone delivery service at a "secret site" in British Columbia, Canada. That's according to a report from The Guardian

Although Amazon is keeping the location of the test site under wraps, it's reportedly just 2,000 feet from the U.S. border — less than half a mile

See also: Amazon gets the green light to test drones in the U.S.

The company has acquired a plot of land lined by oak trees and firs, where it is conducting frequent experimental flights with the blessing of the Canadian government, the report says.

The move to test in Canada comes after the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) put strict rules in place for commercial drone activity Read more...

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Taylor Swift hangs out with fans at the iHeartRadio Awards

Monday Mar 30th 2015

Sorry to break it to you, Justin Timberlake, but Taylor Swift has other friends. Lots of other friends

There's Madonna for one, and of course, the millions of Swifties that Taylor seems to be tracking down one by one until she has held each of them in her otherworldy embrace.

See also: Who has more friends: Marnie the Dog or Taylor Swift?

The iHeartRadio Awards in Las Vegas were the latest hotspot of the grand #Taylurking tradition. Superfan Colleen Sullivan had a ticket to the show and, knowing Swift would be in attendance, began her Tumblr campaign for Swift's attention.

Image: Tumblr stay-beautiful-lovex3

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Indianapolis scrambles as 'anti-gay' law threatens turnout for Final Four

Monday Mar 30th 2015

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard is in damage control mode ahead of the Final Four men's NCAA Basketball Championship, which kicks off in the city this weekend

Since Gov. Mike Pence signed a bill that opponents say allows discrimination against gay people, the state has come under fire. The law has sparked the hashtag #boycottindiana ; companies such as Yelp, Angie's List and one large-scale gamer convention have rethought bringing their business to the state

Some have called for the NCAA to move the tournament to a different city in light of the new legislation, including basketball star and sports commentator Charles Barkley. Read more...

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Yemen's capital is under attack. This is what it's like to live there

Monday Mar 30th 2015

The night sky over the Yemeni city of Sana'a was bright with explosions on Monday as airstrikes rattled the city

A Saudi-led coalition has been targeting rebel positions there since last week. The Shiite Houthi rebels are in control of Sana'a and strikes are directed at militants, jets, air defense systems and Scud missile launch pads that could threaten Saudi Arabia.

See also: The breathtaking beauty of Yemen, a war-torn land

The kingdom leads the coalition carrying out airstrikes in Yemen targeting the rebels known as Houthis and their allies, namely forces loyal to former Yemeni leader Ali Abdullah Saleh Read more...

More about Yemen, Us World, and Sanaa

5 face-melting guitar solos to celebrate Eric Clapton's 70th birthday

Monday Mar 30th 2015

Guitar legend Eric Clapton turned 70 on Monday, a milestone birthday for the rock legend.

The former Cream guitarist is widely regarded as one of the best musicians to ever pick up an electric guitar. His blues-soaked melodies, fiery riffs and mind-bending solos influenced countless musicians in his wake from Slash to Eddie van Halen

See also: 10 iconic rock stars straight chillin' with their parents

Rolling Stone has named him the second best guitarist of all time behind Jimi Hendrix.

After half a century of chart-topping albums, Clapton's career is still going strong as he continues to experiment with new styles, refusing to let his music go stale. His forthcoming album Forever Man will hit shelves in late April. Read more...

More about Cream, Entertainment, Music, and Eric Clapton

Hacking death of third blogger shocks Bangladesh

Monday Mar 30th 2015

DHAKA, Bangladesh — The brutal killing of yet another blogger in broad daylight in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka has sent shockwaves through the country.

On Monday, blogger Oyasiqur Rahman was hacked to death, just weeks after an almost identical killing of Avijit Roy, an American blogger of Bangladeshi origin.

See also: Another blogger has been hacked to death in Bangladesh

Rahman, who was in his 20s and went by the alias Babu — as well as the pen name Kucchit Hasher Channa, meaning Ugly Duckling — was attacked Monday morning near his home

Both men were vocal in their criticism of Islamist extremism and militancy Read more...

More about Blogger, Bangladesh, Media, Us World, and Washiqur Rahman

Gmail Android app puts all your email in one place

Monday Mar 30th 2015

Gmail's Android app just became an even better solution for users with multiple email accounts

Google's latest update to the Android version of the app added a new "all inboxes" view and improved the way email threads are organized for non-Google email accounts.

See also: The 5 Best Email Apps for Power Users

The latest update builds on many of the improvements introduced in the last major update, which added support for email other types of email accounts like Yahoo and Outlook. Monday's update takes this a step further by improving how the app handles emails from different types of accounts Read more...

More about Google, Email, Android, Gmail, and Tech

Samsung loads 747s full of Galaxy S6 phones to the U.S. ahead of launch

Monday Mar 30th 2015

Although Samsung isn't revealing preorder numbers for its new Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge devices, it's safe to say that demand is high

High enough, at least, for Samsung to charter several Boeing 747 planes packed with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices from China headed for its partners in the United States.

See also: The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the Android phone of the year

T-Mobile preorders started shipping to customers on Friday, with the first units arriving in customers' hands on Monday. The official release date for the S6 and S6 Edge is April 10.

Apple has used this move with previous phone launches. Hopefully, it will ensure that customers can run in and grab phones from carriers, stores like Best Buy, and online retailers such as Amazon. Read more...

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