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Updated: 19 hours 7 min ago

Elon Musk's Boring Company hat is on sale now

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

It's the most anticipated piece of headwear this year.

Back in March, SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk teased a hat for the Boring Company, his new whimsically named tunnel digging firm that hopes to alleviate bad traffic and also make Hyperloop adoption viable.

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Well, now you can buy one for the princely sum of $20 from the Boring Company's online store. The hat is one size fits all, and will ship in 3 to 4 weeks. 

For now it seems, the hat doesn't come in other colors. It's just in boring, regular black.

A post shared by Elon Musk (@elonmusk) on Oct 17, 2017 at 6:38pm PDT Read more...

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Congressperson shocked by what she claims Trump said to widow of fallen solider

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

President Donald Trump already has been criticized for falsely claiming that former President Barack Obama never called the families of fallen soldiers. 

Now he's being slammed by Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson after he talked on the phone with the widow of a solider killed in Niger. 

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Trump reportedly told her that "he knew what he signed up for ... but when it happens it hurts anyway," Wilson told Local 10 News, the local ABC News affiliate in Miami. She told the same thing to NBC News, incredulous that Trump reportedly said "he knew what he signed up for" multiple times.  Read more...

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LeBron James’ ‘equality’ shoes are the NBA’s best peaceful protest

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

The NBA opening basketball game between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday evening had many intrigued about how the league would handle the ongoing protests from the NFL over police brutality and racial injustice.

Just before tip-off, we saw how the two teams handled the national anthem and other peaceful protests. One strong statement was made with footwear.

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Cavaliers star LeBron James laced into Nikes emblazoned with the all gold capitalized phrase, "Equality," across the back of the shoes. Read more...

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Somehow this dude allegedly stole $1.2 million dollars of fajitas

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Stealing a million dollars worth of any food seems like a difficult task in itself.

Yet somehow, an employee by the name of Gilberto Escamilla, who works for the Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department in Texas, was alleged to have stolen $1.2 million of fajitas over a nine year period, as reported by the Brownsville Herald

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"If it wasn’t so serious, you’d think it was a Saturday Night Live skit. But this is the real thing," District Attorney Luis V. Saenz told the newspaper.

The alleged plot was only uncovered when Escamilla took a day off for a doctor's appointment on Aug. 7. Someone didn't hit pause on their operation, because a Labatt Food Service truck turned up to the department's kitchen. The driver informed another employee of an 800 pound delivery of fajitas. Read more...

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It took Harvey Weinstein to bring down Amazon's Roy Price. That's just sad.

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Amazon Studios is no hero for pushing out its chief, Roy Price, after he was accused of sexually harassing a producer. It's still a villain in this tale, clearly seeking goodwill for doing the right thing, when it only punished Price after being scalded by the spotlight of public ire. 

Yes, Amazon Studios quickly put Price on a leave of absence, which eventually led to his resignation Thursday, after The Man in the High Castle producer Isa Hackett went on record with The Hollywood Reporter about the time he told her "you will love my dick" in a cab and later that night shouted "anal sex" in her ear at a San Diego Comic-Con party. Read more...

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Billy Corgan says he saw a person transform into something other than human

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Alien-lookalike and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan (now known as William Patrick Corgan) says he witnessed a human being transform into "something other than human."

So naturally, aliens ... or human shapeshifters? 

Corgan was on the Howard Stern Show on Monday when the subject of Corgan's appearance on the The Alex Jones Show came into the conversation. For those not in the loop, Alex Jones is an internet and radio personality who pushes fake news and insane conspiracies to right-wing nut jobs, including the one that alien lifeforms are living on Earth

That's when Corgan revealed he's had his very own paranormal experience. Read more...

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Restaurant slammed on Yelp after getting called out for selling Popeyes chicken

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Yelp is great for checking out what the community thinks of a certain restaurant. It's also great for a healthy helping of drama.

Sweet Dixie Kitchen in Long Beach, California is at the center of a controversy after a disappointed customer revealed that its chicken sandwich was created using Popeyes chicken. The drama has since been called Popeyegate.

The whole thing went down when Yelper Tyler H from Los Angeles posted a 1-star review claiming he spotted employees bringing boxes of Popeyes chicken into the kitchen. 

SEE ALSO: Florida car dealership slammed on Yelp for parking cars in campus garages during Irma Read more...

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Not everyone's desperate for Amazon's second headquarters

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Cities have been desperately trying to attract Amazon’s second North American headquarters — but some groups want to know exactly what kind of jobs "HQ2" will bring. 

On Tuesday, 73 civic groups, including unions, nonprofits, religious organizations, and political parties sent an open letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with a list of "expectations" for the company. 

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"We love jobs, we love technology, and we love convenience—but what you’re looking for will impact every part of our cities," the letter reads. "We built these cities, and we want to make sure they remain ours." Read more...

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Volvo's wave of electric cars starts with a new brand: Polestar

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Volvo made a big commitment earlier this year to put electric motors in all of its vehicles by 2019 — and now the automaker will double down on electrification with an entirely new luxury car brand. 

Volvo and its Chinese parent company, Geely Holdings, just announced that they'll invest about $755 million together to create Polestar, which will manufacture electrified vehicles in China. The new brand will be a "fully consolidated Volvo Cars subsidiary," focused solely on creating electric, performance-first vehicles.

The plans for the Polestar were unveiled at an event in Shanghai, where the first vehicle from the brand, the Polestar 1, also made its debut. The brand new two-door coupé isn't an all-electric car, but it has a hybrid engine that the company claims will offer an estimated 93 miles per charge of range running on electricity alone, which would give it more range than any hybrid currently on the road.  Read more...

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'Tetris' is playable in certain Russian trucks, and for a very specific reason

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

This is basically the car version of the Konami Code, right?

There's an incredible Easter egg tucked away in the computer brains of trucks produced by Russia's Gorky Automobile Plant. As the video above demonstrates, performing a specific set of steps unlocks a playable version of Tetris on the tiny dashboard screen.

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The vehicle in question is the 2017 model of GAZelle Next trucks, according to a translation of a related news story provided by the Russian-speaking father of Mashable's Anna Shkolnikov.

This simple, monochrome version of Tetris is no mere Easter egg, either. It's installed for the specific purpose of testing out the picture quality on the dashboard screen. The nature of the falling blocks game presumably allows testers to make sure every inch of the display works correctly, since you can effectively fill the screen. Read more...

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Amazon patent shows how drones might some day charge your car

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Your next electric car might be fueled up by drone. 

Amazon was granted a new patent earlier this month that was only recently spotted by Green Tech Media. The patent explains how Amazon drones might one day latch onto an electric vehicle and charge it while it's driving — a complicated balancing act between the car and the drone.

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The drones could be fully autonomous, the patent claims, meaning that they would be able to plan and navigate their own routes without any human assistance. 

Image: USPTO

Here's how it would work: An electric vehicle would send a request for fuel on a network to which the drones are connected. The server would then select an available drone and assign it to meet the vehicle at a rendezvous point.  Read more...

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Everybody is calling bullsh*t on Ivanka Trump's 'punk phase'

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Nestled amongst the many useful parenting tips in Ivana Trump's new memoir, Raising Trump, is the revelation that Trump's eldest daughter Ivanka reportedly had a "punk phase" — during which she loved Nirvana and dyed her hair blue (for about five seconds), she writes in her mom's book.

One problem, Ivanka dear: Nirvana is grunge, not punk. As in angst and flannel and the Pacific Northwest, not studs and anarchy and decaying, mid-size industrial cities in the U.K.

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In the passage, first spotted by New York Magazine, Ivanka details how her rebellious hair dying episode is actually responsible for her current signature platinum lewk. Read more...

More about Ivanka Trump, Punk Rock, Grunge, Nirvana, and Ivana Trump

Astronauts got to play with fidget spinners in space

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

NASA Astronaut Randy Bresnik posted a video of himself and his fellow astronauts testing Newton's laws of motion by playing with a fidget spinner aboard the International Space Station.

Now we can answer the age-old question: would a fidget spinner spin forever in space? Read more...

More about Space, Nasa, Mashable Video, International Space Station, and Physics

Twitter is taking a much more aggressive stance on hate speech. Here's what we know:

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Twitter has been known for preaching free speech, but that's come to harm the company as trolls and abusers thrive across its network. 

Now, in the wake of a movement for women to boycott Twitter, the company is making its biggest sweep of changes yet to address hate speech and abuse. 

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The details, leaked to Wired, were shared with members of Twitter's Trust and Safety Council Tuesday. In an email, Twitter's team outlines both its current and updated policies on several circumstances:

  • Non-consensual nudity

  • Unwanted sexual advances

  • Hate symbols and imagery

  • Violent groups

  • Tweets that glorify violence 

More about Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Free Speech, Online Harassment, and Twitter Trolls

Google adds stronger security features for hacking targets

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Google just released its most powerful security feature yet.

The search giant announced on its blog Tuesday morning the new Advanced Protection Program, which is intended to protect people who are at a high risk of being hacked. This means high-profile figures like Hillary Clinton, investigative journalists, and even activists.

SEE ALSO: Jared and Ivanka used private emails for White House business, because lol of course

Most of the products Google creates are made for the masses — the billions of people who use Gmail, Google Drive, and the Chrome web browser. In this case, however, Google created a security feature for only a select number of users who are willing to sacrifice some convenience for substantially increased e-mail protection. Read more...

More about Tech, Google, Gmail, Cybersecurity, and Hackers

Amazon Studios head Roy Price resigns amid sexual harassment accusation

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios since its founding, resigned Tuesday according to several media reports — less than a week after his alleged sexual harassment of a female producer resurfaced in the press.

Isa Hackett said the incident occurred back in 2015, at a Comic Con Amazon party after their panel for Man on the High Castle. According to Hackett, Price repeatedly made lewd remarks toward her — some in front of other Amazon executives. Among other inappropriate advances, Price allegedly told Hackett that, "You will love my dick."

SEE ALSO: Amazon Studios boss Roy Price placed on leave after sexual harassment allegations Read more...

More about Amazon, Jeff Bezos, Sexual Harassment, Amazon Studios, and Roy Price

America's sweetheart Molly Ringwald was harassed, and the sickening Hollywood stories just don't end

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Harvey Weinstein is far from the only older, powerful man in Hollywood under a spotlight right now. Though many of the rest haven't been named, the onslaught of women in entertainment sharing their stories of sexual harassment and assault is indicative of a deeply ingrained and troubling problem. 

In a guest column for The New Yorker, actress Molly Ringwald shares her own experience with Weinstein, who did not exploit her sexually but seemed "volatile." She goes on to describe the multiple men who harassed her over the years – in casting calls, behind the scenes, on set, even in print.

SEE ALSO: Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon speak out about sexual harassment in Hollywood Read more...

More about Entertainment, Celebrities, Sexual Harassment, Harvey Weinstein, and Molly Ringwald

Hypnotize friends with this smartphone fidget spinner

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

Just when you think you've seen it all, fidget spinner technology never fails to keep you on your toes. Behold: the RingSpinner, an attachment that turns your smartphone into a mesmerizing fidget spinner. Read more...

More about Videos, Video, Iphone, Mashable Video, and Real Time

The Halloween Candy You Should Never Give to Kids

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

The most secretive startup in tech just raised another $500 million

Tuesday Oct 17th 2017

We know very little of Magic Leap. And yet, it continues to be on a path toward greatness. 

The augmented reality company just closed on $502 million in funding, propelling their total venture funding to $1.9 billion. While that's far less than Uber, Slack, and other tech unicorns, Magic Leap is special because it has no product to show for it. 

Well, at least not to the general public. Beyoncé has demoed it as well as investors. 

SEE ALSO: Magic Leap patent drawings reveal what might be its mysterious AR glasses

Bey was reportedly bored, and other reports have surfaced that Magic Leap's AR technology is perhaps over-hyped. One of the product demos was actually overblown by a visual effects studio, The Information reported last year. A leaked prototype showed a janky backpack that looked far from ready for market, Business Insider revealed earlier this year.  Read more...

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