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Updated: 6 hours 3 min ago

Bernie gets grumpy during Democratic debate

6 hours 36 min ago

WASHINGTON — Bernie got grumpy and Hillary got detailed in a policy-focused PBS debate that played to her strengths and exposed some of his big weaknesses.

Here's what you missed if you didn't catch Thursday's Democratic debate.

Everyone loves Obama - now

Clinton and Sanders rushed to prove the other one hasn't been so nice to the president, in an effort to bearhug Obama. The two candidates are clearly aware they're going to need to do well with African American voters, who make up big a sizable portion of the Democratic electorate in the next states on the calendar. Read more...

Sanders gets testy, Hill stays chillMore about Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Election 2016

'The Life of Pablo': Here's what everyone thinks of Kanye West's latest album

6 hours 48 min ago

The Life of Pablo is only a few hours old, but everyone already has an opinion about Kanye West's latest opus

The rapper debuted his seventh studio album at Madison Square Garden during his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show. And — it's really good, though too soon to measure how it stacks up to his past work. West has preemptively declared it one of the greatest albums of all time and the "album of the life."

Now that it's out there, do fans think he's right? Reactions on social media ranged far and wide, but some are actually daring to call it West's best album to date

See also: 'I love you like Kanye loves Kanye': Inside Yeezy's monumental album premiere Read more...

More about Music, Entertainment, Kanye West, and Yeezy Season 3

Sanders and Clinton fight over who loves Obama more

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders played tug-of-war over President Obama's heart at Thursday's Democratic debate, with each arguing the other has been more disrespectful to the president.

Clinton lit into Sanders for his Thursday comments that President Obama hasn't been able to work with Congress well enough, accusing him of Republican-like attacks.

"I don't think he gets the credit he deserves," she said. "The kind of criticism that we've heard from Senator Sanders about our president I expect from Republicans, I do not expect from someone running for the Democratic nomination to succeed President Obama." Read more...

More about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Election 2016

Mario Woods died of at least 20 gunshot wounds, autopsy shows

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

Mario Woods, the San Francisco man whose fatal shooting by police was recorded in a harrowing video posted to social media in December, suffered at least 20 gunshot wounds and had a combination of drugs in his system at the time of his death, autopsy results showed Thursday

Woods, 26, died from 20 gunshot wounds to his back, head, buttocks, legs and hands, with an additional "probable gunshot graze wound" to his cheek, according to the autopsy report released by San Francisco Chief Medical Examiner Michael Hunter.

See also: Justice Department launches review of San Francisco Police over Mario Woods shooting Read more...

More about San Francisco San Jose, Us World, Us, Autopsy, and Police Shooting

Here's what people in every state are ordering for Valentine's Day

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and anxious lovers everywhere are busy googling for gift ideas.

But every person is unique, and everyone wants something different. Over at Estately, a national real estate blog, analysts measured what each state googled for 'Valentine's Day gifts.' As it turns out, each state loves a little differently.

See also: 10 passive aggressive Valentine's Day gifts

In short: God bless South Dakota, congratulations Mississippi, I am moving to California tomorrow.

Image: Estately

To collect the data, Estately used ran hundreds of search terms through Google trends, and separated it by state. Read more...

More about Google Trends, Valentine S Day, Watercooler, Conversations, and Sex And Love

15 ways 'Grey's Anatomy' fans coped with the harrowing new episode

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

Warning: This post contains spoilers!

In case you hadn't gotten the memo: The new episode of Grey's Anatomy was excruciating

Going into the episode — the show's first of 2016 — we knew that Meredith was going to be attacked by a patient. What we didn't know was how much more complicated it was than that.

See also: Meredith Grey and Dana Scully truly are two of TV's unluckiest people: Here's proof

The episode began with a big accident involving a flipped over big rig that brought several victims to the hospital. One of them was a kind older gentleman who Meredith quickly befriended, trading pleasantries about kids and family. The happy talk stopped when the man started having a violent seizure. Little did we know, this seizure would cause him to experience temporary hyper aggression — a side effect Owen explained later, after they found Meredith severely injured on the floor Read more...

More about Abc, Television, Grey S Anatomy, Entertainment, and Tv

'I love you like Kanye loves Kanye': Inside Yeezy's monumental album premiere

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

Kylie was here. I was here. You were here. Kanye sure as hell was here. Yeezy Season is a global phenomenon

Kanye West debuted his aggressively hyped album, The Life of Pablo, as well as his collection for Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden Thursday. As Kanye at his humblest might say, it was one of the greatest album launches of all time

If you need proof that Kanye has successfully created Kanye the Brand as both a fashion and music enterprise, a step inside Madison Square Garden made things crystal clear. At any given moment, you could spot a handful of disciples rocking Yeezus tour merchandise and seemingly everyone in the venue patiently waited to get their own "Ultra Light Beams" tee. After the show was over, hundreds remained in line Read more...

More about Rapper, Album, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Entertainment

Life-size BB-8 toy might be coming to make your Star Wars dreams come true

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

After raking in nearly $2 billion, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is easily one of the biggest and most successful movies of all time. It's biggest star? Well that depends on who you ask. Daisy Ridley is a first choice for many people. So is John Boyega. However, if we're being honest here, the only choice is BB-8, the round droid that stole our hearts and the show.

See also: Sphero BB-8 vs. Hasbro BB-8, an epic droid battle

We've already been graced with at least two pretty fantastic BB-8 robot toys. Sphero, which helped design the technology inside the on-screen BB-8, probably has the best of them with the palm-sized, app-controlled BB-8 by SpheroHasbro's remote-controlled and considerably larger BB-8 is no slouch, either. Read more...

More about Toys, Star Wars, Toy Fair, Tech, and Gadgets

9-year-old Iron Boy saves the day in Sydney, steals every heart

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

Meet your new favorite superhero: Iron Boy. The New South Wales Police and Make-A-Wish Foundation teamed up to help Domenic, who is battling cystic fibrosis, live out his dream of being a superhero on Thursday. “Let’s get down to business,” he said after he was briefed at police headquarters about his first mission in Parramatta, according to 9 News.

Read more:

More about Australia, Sydney, Us World, Make A Wish, and Standalone Video Template

Gawk at these super gorgeous Instagram shots of Australia

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

Australia is a photogenic place, and these popular Instagram pics are certainly a testament to that.

These are nine of the most popular photos on the @australia Instagram account, run by Tourism Australia. It's a collection of the best Aussie pics photographed by other users, and by golly, they're all really pretty.

See also: The one that got away: After 70 years, wartime lovers reunite halfway around the world

Watch kangaroos hopping by, catch a perfect wave or simply gaze at the sunset. Sounds like bliss, right?

1. Kangaroos in the outback

2. Cable Beach, Broome


3. Boxing Day on Bondi BeachMore about Travel, Pics, Australia, Watercooler, and Travel Leisure

Mad Magazine takes on 'The Force Awakens'

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

Leave it to the usual gang of idiots at Mad Magazine to bring out its first proper Star Wars: the Force Awakens parody in its latest issue Friday — nearly two months after the record-breaking movie first hit cineplexes.

But what Mad loses in timeliness, it makes up for in classic art — in this case from Sergio Aragonés, the multi-award winning Spanish artist who's been with the magazine since 1963

See also: What, the Editor of Mad Magazine Worry?

Mad has been affectionately skewering Star Wars since the first movie came out in 1977 — and once found itself in the unusual position of earning both a cease-and-desist letter from Lucasfilm's legal department and a fan letter from George Lucas at the same time Read more...

More about Mad Magazine, Entertainment, and No Lead Image Template

Alby, the tiny albino turtle, is an extremely rare find

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

An albino turtle, nicknamed Alby, was spotted shortly after hatching on Queensland’s Castaways Beach on Feb. 7, several days after his 121 siblings had hatched and vacated the nest. The Coolum District Coast Care Group said on Facebook that Alby was the first albino green turtle the group had come across in its nine years of turtle monitoring.

Pics and more about this rare spotting:

More about Pics, Animals, Australia, Turtle, and Watercooler

Kanye West's models: A fuller spectrum of 'black beauty'

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

NEW YORK — Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 show on Thursday had all the twists and turns of a perfect stage show. There was the superb music blasting from his upcoming seventh album, The Life of Pablo, the production was outer worldly, and the clothes, including West's infamous Yeezy Boosts, are sure to become bestsellers.

But what was the most intriguing aspect from the New York City show was West's cast of models. Most on two of the stages were of color, and the entire bottom floor (made up of street-casted, non-professional models) were black.

SEE ALSO: Everyone's having issues with the Kanye West Yeezy 3 livestream Read more...

More about Yeezy, Kanye West, African American, Black Americans, and Fashion

The mysterious hierarchy of Yeezy Season 3: What did it mean?

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

Kanye West's fashion shows traditionally serve as platforms to promote equality on the catwalk. Both Yeezy Seasons 1 and 2 sent models from across of the spectrum of skin tones down the runway. 

Yeezy Season 3, which also served as the debut of West's sixth album, The Life of Pablo, at Madison Square Garden on Thursday, was a slightly different story. 

SEE ALSO: Kanye West talks Taylor Swift in new song: 'I made that bitch famous'

His use of mostly black models this year, which seemed to act as commentary on equal rights for African Americans, was accompanied by themes of class separation and hierarchy, whether intentional or not. Read more...

More about Kanye West, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Yeezy Season 3

Diplomats agree to 'nationwide cessation of hostilities' in Syria

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has reported that diplomats meeting in Munich as part of the International Syria Support Group have agreed to work with Syrian parties to implement a "nationwide cessation of hostilities."

Kerry said early Friday that the target is to implement the ceasefire in a week's time.

See also: Syrian war report puts nearly five-year death toll at a devastating 470,000

Kerry says a long-term ceasefire in Syria depends on parties to its civil war engaging in "genuine negotiation," adding that "the objective is to achieve a durable long-term ceasefire at some point in time." He acknowledged that differences remain over the future of Syrian President Bashar Assad but said "you have to be at the table to deal with that." Read more...

More about Syria, Us World, and John Kerry

Uber may soon owe $28.5 million to 25 million riders

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

Uber may be about to owe a lot of users money

The ride-sharing service announced a $28.5 million class action settlement proposal Thursday in response to lawsuits by riders alleging its "Safe Ride Fee" constitutes false advertising

See also: Uber will start using smartphones to check if its drivers are speeding

The proposal will attempt to settle Philliben v. Uber Technologies, Inc. and Mena v. Uber Technologies, Inc., which seek restitution for Uber's $1 "Safe Ride Fee." Complainants argue the name is misleading and that the company's driver background checks are not "industry leading," as Uber previously claimed. Uber allowed drivers with felony convictions to work for the ride-sharing service, according to legal records Read more...

More about Settlement, Class Action, Uber, Tech, and Apps Software

Kanye West's Yeezy show just showed us fashion's future

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

NEW YORK — Kanye West showed us the fashion future tonight.

It was a sight to be seen — one that will certainly go down in history as not only one of the biggest fashion spectacles of all time, but also a concert. Go figure. 

It was rapper and fashion designer Kanye West's Madison Square Garden show on Thursday, which brought together the fashion set, fans and music aficionados alike to celebrate not only his latest collection, Yeezy Season 3, but his seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo.

West, a self-proclaimed musical genius, merged fashion and music — the biggest of his passions — seamlessly in a show that reminded us what fashion shows are all about. And perhaps what they should do more of. That's entertainment.  Read more...

More about Lifestyle, Fashion, Yeezy, Kanye West, and Entertainment

Bernie thinks a Bernie presidency is as big a deal as first woman president

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

WASHINGTON — Bernie may have come off as a bit of a bro during Thursday’s debate with Hillary Clinton.

Sanders seemed to pooh-pooh the historic nature of Clinton’s campaign to be the first female U.S. president, arguing if he got to the White House it would be just as unique.

“Well, you know, I think from a historical point of view, somebody with my background, somebody with my views, somebody who has spent his entire life taking on the big money interests — I think a Sanders victory will be of some historical accomplishment as well,” he said when asked about whether he was worried he might be blocking history. Read more...

More about Hillary Clinton, Us World, Politics, Black Lives Matter, and Bernie Sanders

I took a first date to a sewage treatment plant for Valentine’s Day

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

Video: Heather Dockray, Jake Fertig

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved sewage treatment plants

From the moment I first downloaded Sim City to today, I’ve had a deep, abiding passion for wastewater management systems — and wanted to share that part of my life with someone special.

So when I saw that Brooklyn’s very own Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was having a special Valentine’s Day tour, I hatched a plan. I threw up my most highly-ranked profile picture and put a call out on Tinder, Facebook and OkCupid to find a date.

See also: Lesbians speculate wildly about straight sex

More about Dating, Valentine S Day, Watercooler, Videos, and Work Play

Grammys host LL Cool J welcomes the Kanye West/Taylor Swift drama

Thursday Feb 11th 2016

LOS ANGELES — When LL Cool J heard about Kanye West possibly reheating his beef with Taylor Swift on Thursday, he let out a laugh that lasted at least 30 seconds.

Then the host of Monday night's Grammy Awards had a suggestion:

"I say we just let it all fall," he told Mashable in a pre-Grammys chat Thursday. "Let's just get everybody in the Grammys room and figure it out [more laughing]."

SEE ALSO: Kanye West talks Taylor Swift in new song: 'I made that bitch famous'

It isn't certain yet whether West will be in attendance Monday, but Swift will. And should they happen to appear together at any point, the odds of them as happy as they did at last year's Grammys ... Read more...

More about Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Grammys, Entertainment, and Music
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