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Updated: 14 hours 17 min ago

The bodyshamed dancing man finally got his blowout Hollywood party

14 hours 39 min ago

The dancing man who was bodyshamed on 4chan earlier this year was celebrated at one of Hollywood's hottest clubs on Saturday night.

The man, Sean O'Brien, was skewered online after photos of him dancing at a concert surfaced on 4chan, an anonymous imageboard website perhaps known for its role in the nude celebrity photo leak that peaked this summer.

See also: Thousands of women are throwing a guy a dance party after he was body shamed

When a group of women saw the anonymous taunting, they sprung into action, promising to find the dancing man and throw him a huge party in Los Angeles. Their goal: Make it clear that bullying is not OK. Read more...

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Aesthetics algorithm spots beauty that humans overlook

15 hours 5 min ago

Beautiful images are not always popular ones, which is where the CrowdBeauty algorithm can help, computer scientists say.

One of the depressing truths about social media is that the popularity of an image is not necessarily an indication of its quality. It's easy to find hugely popular content of dubious quality. But it's much harder to find unpopular content of high quality.

That's largely because popularity is governed by a power law: A small proportion of content receives a large proportion of attention, while the vast majority of content shares the rest. Take the picture-sharing website Flickr, which hosts some 200 million pictures. Of these, 166 million have five favorites or less. Read more...

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LinkedIn-esque app for doctors helped save lives after Nepal earthquake

Saturday May 23rd 2015

When you're sick, you can choose the doctor who treats you. If that doctor can't handle your case, he or she refers you to another doctor. On what basis does the former recommend the latter? Is it word-of-mouth, friendship, or former acquaintance? Generally, doctors rely on their ad hoc professional network based on friendship and goodwill, rather than experience and professional acumen, for patient referrals.

Imagine a doctor having access to an extensive and refined network of medical professionals at his or her fingertips. They can access this network to recommend the best specialist or super-specialist in the city for their ailing patients in a few minutes. Imagine if this network was pan-India or even global. This is what this Gurgaon-based startup called Curofy aims to achieve -– create a LinkedIn-like app for doctors. Read more...

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Australia's Guy Sebastian nails Eurovision performance, wins fifth place

Saturday May 23rd 2015

In Australia's first — and perhaps, only — time participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, singer Guy Sebastian belted his single "Tonight Again," winning the country a well-deserved fifth place.

Australia was offered a wildcard entry into the 60-year-old event, and Sebastian had to overcome a crowd doubtful about his right to take to the stage — given Australia is, um, not in fact in Europe — but he proved up to the task, winning everyone over with his pork pie hat and jaunty dance moves.

See also: Douze points: The funniest Twitter reviews from Eurovision 2015

It wasn't enough to take out the top spot, however, as Sweden's Måns Zelmerlöw emerged victorious, followed by Russia, Italy, Belgium and Australia. Read more...

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Our hopes for one 'Orphan Black' romance may have just gone up in flames

Saturday May 23rd 2015

Warning: This post contains spoilers about the most recent episode of Orphan Black.

Things got explosive on Orphan Black tonight, and we're not just talking about all the drama.

Hot Paul has literally exploded, and he took Dr. Coady's creepy research with him.

See also: A huge betrayal on 'Orphan Black' changed everything

The silver lining to this terrible loss is that Sarah made it out of camp alive — but just barely. And all this action took place after things took an even creepier turn with the Castors, which we'll get into below

Elsewhere, all of the clones — even Rachel and Alison — had crazy things going on, and Felix also started kicking ass and taking names Read more...

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7 brilliant tips for managing stress in the C-suite

Saturday May 23rd 2015

Every founder dreams of the day his or her startup experiences runaway success, but the reality of massive growth can be terrifying. Recently, my company experienced four of the best sales months we’ve ever had, and it seemed like we were hiring a new employee every week.

Most CEOs would’ve been breaking out the champagne, but I found myself overcome with stress. I feel a responsibility for all my employees, and when they’re overwhelmed with work, I tend to absorb some of that stress.

The pressure of leading a company can be isolating at times, but I’ve found that it helps to speak to other CEOs who are experiencing the same challenges. I make an effort to befriend co-leaders of companies that are in our industry. Hearing about their struggles helps me cope with stress by reminding me that I’m not alone. Read more...

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Watching 3D movies is good for your brain, study says

Saturday May 23rd 2015

Regardless of where you stand on the Hollywood's 3D trend, the option has added an artistic expansion to big budget films, as well as a welcome box office boost. The results of the 3D process vary, and there is still a moviegoing faction that just isn't buying what studios are selling. However, one British study could give the industry a new narrative advocating for watching films in 3D: increased brain power.

According to a report in The Guardian, Neuroscientists Patrick Fagan of Goldsmith University and Professor Brendan Walker of Thrill Laboratory were curious about the qualified experience of watching films in 3D as opposed to traditional 2D. Collecting information from cognition tests and brain-reading real-time data from sample groups watching films projected in each format, their findings seem to suggest that watching 3D movies does provide a boost to the brain's cognitive functions. In fact, in some cases, they nearly double the levels. Temporarily anyway. Read more...

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5 can't-miss apps: 'QuizUp,' StubHub, Hoopla and more

Saturday May 23rd 2015

With rumors swirling around the upcoming Android Mand Apple TV updates, you could have easily missed some of this week's best new apps.

See also: Google's latest experiment brings new superpowers to Chrome browsers

Luckily, each weekend, we round up a few of our favorite new and updated apps. This week's list includes QuizUp's redesign, an app that leverages public libraries to let you borrow music and ebooks and new StubHub features that help you plan around the events you're going to.

Check out the gallery, below, to see our top picks. If you're looking for more, take a look at last week's roundup of can't-miss apps. Read more...

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Neil Patrick Harris, Hozier and other celebs praise Ireland's historic vote

Saturday May 23rd 2015

Ireland became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage through a nationwide public vote today, and celebrities around the world flocked to Twitter to show their support.

People from Vice President Joe Biden to singer/songwriter Sam Smith praised the Irish electorate for passing the history-making marriage equality referendum. The majority of voters in all but one Irish constituency voted "yes" on the referendum, which makes same sex marriage a constitutional right for citizens in Ireland.

See also: Watch this woman propose to her girlfriend after Irish equality vote

Check out the celebrity celebration below:

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Douze points: The funniest Twitter reviews from Eurovision 2015

Saturday May 23rd 2015

The 60th annual Eurovision Song Contest took place Saturday, offering the traditional jumble of caterwauling and key changes, silly outfits and sillier facial hair.

There weren't any of the real lunatics of previous years this time round, but there was still plenty to keep us entertained, from a woman dressed as Xena to a bunch of Kings of Leon lookalikes setting their piano on fire, proving that Europe can be as odd as ever.

See also: Everything you need to know about the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Sweden ended up victorious, but who won the Eurovision joke contest? Let's take a look at the funniest reactions to each performance. Read more...

More about Vienna, Entertainment, Music, Tv, and Conversations

Google files patent for 'Chucky'-esque smart teddy bear that may haunt your dreams

Saturday May 23rd 2015

Google just filed a patent for what may be its creepiest or coolest invention yet. You decide

The company hopes to break into the toy industry with stuffed animals that can control other Wi-Fi-connected devices. One part Siri and one part Chucky, the toys would be able to control media devices in your home, such as TVs and music players. Aided by sensors and cameras, the bear would also be able to sense your gaze, and even turn its head to look back at you

SEE ALSO: Michael Jackson's 'anti-gravity' patent

However, the patent application is not a surefire indication that Google will actually make or sell this connected toy. Read more...

More about Google, Patent, Tech, and Chucky

Astronaut captures hypnotic videos of thunderstorms on Earth from space

Saturday May 23rd 2015

Astronauts in space can experience thunderstorms, too — just not the same way we do on Earth

NASA astronaut Terry Virts captured several amazing videos of thunderstorms breaking out across the planet this week. Virts caught flashing lightning above Mexico and the Ozarks from his post on the International Space Station, and shared the amazing footage via Vine.

See also: 55 Astonishing Images of Earth From Space

A Russian Soyuz spacecraft used to bring astronauts to and from the ISS makes an appearance in the Vine of the thunderstorms above the Ozarks. Virts also caught a Vine of thunderstorms above Indonesia earlier in May. Read more...

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4 unfair reasons why you aren't getting called back for that job interview

Saturday May 23rd 2015

Getting called in for an interview is way more complicated than it should be. You can do everything right and still end up with nothing. Or you can be recommended by someone influential and get your foot in the door without even formally applying. The whole thing's more out of your control than you want to believe.

So, what are some things that might influence your chances of getting the company's attention — regardless of whether they should or not? It's impossible to name them all, because, like a snowflake, every hiring manager is different. However, here are four of the more common reasons you didn't get called in and, more importantly, what you can do about them Read more...

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Watch this driver seriously underestimate an alligator

Saturday May 23rd 2015

"Hey, watch my truck," a man in the video, above, tells an angry alligator, as he continues to move toward it. Bad move.

As the video's next 20 seconds will prove, the man either underestimates the strength of the gator's bite, or he overestimates the durability of his flimsy Nissan truck

Bottom line: You'd better be driving a sturdier vehicle if you plan on picking a fight with a gator.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson gave his BFF the best surprise wedding ever

Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' video is even better with animated octopi and robots

Cute little girl realizes she will never be friends with this very rude chicken

Watch this woman propose to her girlfriend after Irish equality vote Read more...

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Why you should care about the Josh Duggar accusations

Saturday May 23rd 2015

Some family secrets are so heartbreaking that most people would rather pretend they just don't exist

It's perhaps no surprise then that the Duggar clan, star of the TLC series 19 Kids and Counting, concealed for more than a decade that they, like many American families, had confronted the horror of child sex abuse

The news, some survivors say, is an opportunity to talk candidly about a surprisingly common traumatic experience and why it is essential to report this unthinkable crime, so that victims and their families can seek justice and treatment

See also: People will always have a problem with TV rape scenes — and that's a good thing Read more...

More about Tlc, Sexual Assault, Mental Health, Tv, and Us World

Meet 'Sweetie,' the 105-year-old Warriors fan who just wants an NBA title

Saturday May 23rd 2015

OAKLAND, California — When the Golden State Warriors take on the Houston Rockets in Game 3 of their Western Conference Finals series on Saturday at 9 p.m. ET, a 105-year-old woman whose family simply calls her "Sweetie" will be watching. She'll be in her usual seat, on the edge of her bed in the Bay Area home where she still lives alone and independent — or as she says, where "I still live for myself and do for myself."

Sweetie stations herself there for Warriors games because she likes to be alone and free to yell at the TV as loudly as she wants. Her cat, Coco Chanel, will sit beside her, as always, but doesn't mind the hubbub. Coco Chanel, it seems, is used to some noise when it comes to Sweetie's Warriors Read more...

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Ireland overwhelmingly approves same-sex marriage in historic vote

Saturday May 23rd 2015

DUBLIN — Ireland became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by nationwide popular vote on Saturday.

Around 62% of voters who hit the polls chose to vote yes, while 38% voted no

See also: Watch this woman propose to her girlfriend after Irish equality vote

In total, 60% of Ireland's more than 3 million eligible voters turned out; of them, more than 1 million people cast votes in favor of the marriage equality referendum. Only one of the country's 43 constituencies had a majority of voters rejecting the referendum.

The history-making marriage equality vote took place on Friday, with official results arriving Saturday night. However, locals took to Irish streets and social media to celebrate what ended up being a clear victory for the "Yes" campaign well before the official count came in Read more...

More about Ireland, Gay Marriage, Same Sex Marriage, Us World, and Politics

Samsung NX500 camera: High-quality 4K video capture for just $800

Saturday May 23rd 2015

Once you go 4K, you just can't go back to full HD

Samsung's NX500 is the first of what will be many affordable, sub-$1,000, mirrorless cameras that shoot 4K video. Up until this year, the only compact mirrorless cameras that could shoot 4K video were the Panasonic GH4, Sony A7s and Samsung NX1 — cameras that all cost well over $1,000.

See also: Samsung NX Mini Is the Perfect Camera for the Selfie-Obsessed

The NX500 is only $800 with a 16-50mm kit lens, which costs half as much as Samsung's flagship $1,500 NX1. The lower price doesn't come at a loss of performance, though.

The camera shares much of the NX1's DNA. They both have 28.2-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS image sensors, DRIMeVs image processors, 3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreens, built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and, of course, 4K video recording. Read more...

More about Reviews, Samsung, Cameras, Tech, and Gadgets

Welcome to the Rainbow Republic: Ireland reacts to historic marriage equality vote

Saturday May 23rd 2015

In a landslide victory on Saturday, Ireland became the world's first country to legalize same-sex marriage through popular vote.

More than 3.2 million people turned out to vote on Friday in what was called an "unusually high" turnout, according to the BBC.

See also: Watch this woman propose to her girlfriend after Irish equality vote

Ireland's Minister for Health Leo Varadkar, who publicly came out earlier this year as the country's first openly gay minister, likened the campaign to "a social revolution." Varadkar told Irish broadcaster RTE that about three-quarters of the votes were in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. Read more...

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Ohio patrolman acquitted of manslaughter in deaths of 2 unarmed people

Saturday May 23rd 2015

CLEVELAND — A patrolman charged in the shooting deaths of two unarmed suspects during a 137-shot barrage of gunfire was acquitted Saturday in a case that helped prompt the U.S. Department of Justice determine the city police department had a history of using excessive force and violating civil rights.

Michael Brelo, 31, faced as many as 22 years in prison had the judge convicted him on two counts of voluntary manslaughter. Before issuing his verdict, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge John P. O'Donnell said he would not "sacrifice" Brelo if the evidence did not merit a conviction.

See also: Police shoot man wielding hammer near New York's Penn Station Read more...

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