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Updated: 1 day 7 hours ago

5 Roadblocks to Virtual Reality Becoming Mainstream

Tuesday Sep 30th 2014

For more than 25 years, one iteration or the next of virtual reality has been touted as a life-altering technological breakthrough. At the first Oculus Rift developers conference, attendees saw how far its creators have come in pursuit of an outstanding virtual reality platform.

But virtual reality still has a long way to go before it's ready for consumers, and its biggest proponents know it, too. During Oculus Connect, the company's top brass talked about the issues virtual reality still struggles with, and how they might be solvable. While there could potentially be solutions for each problem, they won't be tackled overnight. Read more...

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Man Jailed for Tweeting Rape Threats

Tuesday Sep 30th 2014

In a landmark decision at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London, a man was sentenced to 18 weeks of jail time Monday for having tweeted (and retweeted) a series of rape threats at a British member of parliament.

Peter Nunn, a Bristol-based blogger, launched his tirade at Stella Creasy, Labor MP for Walthamstow. Creasy backed a campaign to put preeminent novelist Jane Austen on the British £10 banknote

That campaign finally succeeded in July 2013 — which is when Nunn started sending abusive tweets directed at Creasy from a number of different accounts. Creasy felt threatened enough to install a panic button in her house, prosecutors said Read more...

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41 Songs To Fall in Love With This Autumn

Tuesday Sep 30th 2014

As summer turns to fall, our tastes tend to change as well — it's the only way you can explain some of those pumpkin spice products

And while good music is good music, there are some songs that just feel especially fitting as we move from the beaches to the apple orchards

See also: 21 Songs to Help You Keep Calm

That's why we assembled this Music Monday playlist full of songs that we love to hear during this time of year. So throw on our playlist and get excited for crisp air and falling leaves

Have something to add to our playlist? Share with us in the comments, below, or on Spotify, and we'll add it. Read more...

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The 9 Ways 'Gotham' Got Super Dark in Episode 2

Monday Sep 29th 2014

You had to figure a crime procedural that (very loosely) winds back the clock on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy would be a grisly, vaguely twisted affair, even if it is on network TV.

But who could have predicted that we'd be seeing child cannibalism, eyes getting poked out, innocent people being beaten within an inch of their lives in Episode 2? What do they think this is, Game of Thrones?

SEE ALSO: 'Gotham' Premiere Recap: 'There Will Be Light, Bruce'

Here are nine ways the second episode of Gotham went there and other dark corners of the psyche, making us think Gotham might be worth your sticking with after all. You sick, twisted little kitties Read more...

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There's No Place Like Ohio State: Band Pays Tribute to 'The Wizard of Oz'

Monday Sep 29th 2014

Somewhere over the rainbow in a land called Ohio, the Buckeyes created another amazing halftime show.

During Saturday's big game, the Ohio State Marching Band performed choreography inspired by The Wizard of Oz in honor of the movie's 75th anniversary. The tribute included a tornado, scarecrow, the Emerald City and a little (actually, gigantic) dog, too.

Mesmerizing Drone Video Reveals Massive Size of Hong Kong Protests

Kids Fail Miserably at Appreciating Skip-It

History Buffs Discover Their Hidden Past in New York Public Library

Get Lost in New York Public Library's Massive Map Collection Read more...

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Monday Marked Upbeat, Peaceful Protests In Hong Kong

Monday Sep 29th 2014

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protestors filled Hong Kong's streets Monday, demanding free and fair elections in 2017. Demonstrators ignored the government's calls to peacefully disperse, and faced less police opposition than the day before, the New York Times reported

The protestors are demanding full democracy in Hong Kong. China had promised free elections, but backtracked last month when the legislature decreed candidates for Hong Kong's leadership must be approved by Beijing

See also: Hong Kong Protests: What You Need to Know About the Umbrella Revolution

Civil unrest began with a student sit-in at Hong Kong's government headquarters on Wednesday. When the police used pepper spray to violently clear the compound Saturday, pro-democracy group Occupy Central With Peace And Love announced a blockade of Hong Kong's financial district Read more...

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Codementor Gets You Programming Help When You Need It

Monday Sep 29th 2014

The Launchpad is a series that introduces Mashable readers to compelling startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here.

Name: Codementor

One-Liner Pitch: Get instant one-on-one help from expert developers.

The hardest part about programming is running into a problem that seems unsolvable, until 20 hours later, you've cracked the code, whether through scouring Stack Overflow questions or applying brute force in a non-stop, snack-powered session. That's what makes Codementor so promising

Codementor is an online marketplace for connecting instantly with an expert developer who can review your code real-time and talk you through the issue via voice or video chat. It's focused on helping developers get out of those last-minute ruts through one-on-one, on-demand sessions. Read more...

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BlackBerry Wants to Launch One Unconventional Product Every Year

Monday Sep 29th 2014

BlackBerry might not be one of the cool kids among smartphones anymore, but it apparently doesn't mind being quirky and is willing to take some risks along the way.

The company wants to release at least one unconventional device every year and already has one in the works, a BlackBerry executive told Reuters.

See also: BlackBerry: Here's Why We Built a Square Phone

“When it comes to design and being a little bit disruptive, we want that ‘wow’ factor,” said Ron Louks, the president of BlackBerry's Devices division. "Not all of the products will have it, but we definitely have opportunities."

He added that BlackBerry is working on a device that is easier to use with just one hand. Read more...

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Robotic Octopus Can Crawl, Carry Stuff

Monday Sep 29th 2014

Scientists have built a robotic octopus that is not only capable of swimming and moving in the same way as its biological inspiration, but that can carry objects in its tentacles.

A video of the mechanical creature has been making the rounds after the octopus' creators, a team of researchers from the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas in Greece, presented at a robotics conference in Chicago earlier this month.

See also: The Rise of the Robot Pitchman

Since last year, the little robot's speed has doubled, according to IEEE Spectrum

In the above video, the octopus is seen crawling in a water tank and freely swimming in the Aegean Sea. Read more...

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Five More Feared Dead in Japanese Volcano, Rescuers Called Off

Monday Sep 29th 2014

Rescue teams on Monday found five more bodies near the peak of Mount Ontake, the site of a deadly volcanic eruption that took hikers and climbers by surprise this past weekend, before fears of toxic gas exposure forced around 500 rescue workers to abandon the search.

The expected death toll now sits at 36, though only 12 deaths are confirmed. An additional 63 suffered injuries and eight are still recorded missing, according to Reuters

See also: Global Warming Elevates Odds of Extreme Weather, From Australia to California

Japan's first fatal eruption in nearly 25 years hit without warning at about noon on Saturday, sending large gray plumes of gas and smoke into the sky and leaving the landscape blanketed in a knee-deep layer of ash. Read more...

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California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Landmark 'Yes Means Yes' Sexual Consent Law

Monday Sep 29th 2014

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Sunday mandating that sexual partners on college campuses must give "affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement."

By definition, a drugged, drunk or unconscious person cannot give consent, and silence or lack of resistance does not constitute consent, according to the new law

In order to receive state funding for student financial aid, colleges will also have to provide victims with confidential reporting, counseling and access to a victim advocates. Campus officials investigating rape complaints will have to undergo trauma-based training, too

California is the first state in the nation to sign such legislation Read more...

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Wal-Mart to Tracy Morgan: Not Our Fault! You Weren't Wearing a Seatbelt

Monday Sep 29th 2014

Wal-Mart seemed downright magnanimous after the June 7 crash that severely injured Tracy Morgan and killed fellow comedian Jimmy Mack when the corporate behemoth immediately said: “If it’s determined that our truck caused the accident, Walmart will take full responsibility.”

Nearly four months later, the retailer says not so fast –- the victims weren’t wearing seatbelts.

SEE ALSO: Sensor-Powered Seatbelt Could Save the Lives of Sleepy Drivers

Filed Monday in U.S. District Court in New Jersey, Wal-Mart’s 28-page response to Morgan's original lawsuit from July was 25 pages of boilerplate mumbo jumbo followed by these paragraphs: Read more...

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Mark Zuckerberg Buys Massive Hawaii Plantation, Report Says

Monday Sep 29th 2014

Mahalo, Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook founder apparently isn't content with his multimillion-dollar mansion in San Francisco's Dolores Heights neighborhood, despite its renovations that require the presence of up to 50 workers. He has also reportedly invested in a 357-acre beachfront plantation on the island of Kauai in Hawaii — a space zoned for 80 well-appointed homes

See also: Mark Zuckerberg Sounds Like the Neighbor From Hell

According to Pacific Business News, Zuckerberg dropped $66 million on Kahuaina Plantation on the northeast corner of Kauai. The estate is billed as one of the last large beachfront parcels on the rainforest-filled island, "a vast and pristine oceanfront property that offers the rare opportunity to create a stewardship to last for generations," according to its brochure. Read more...

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Limited-Edition Stamps Preview: Like Catwoman, You Too Can Lick Batman

Monday Sep 29th 2014

Pounce on your chance to lick Batman

Michelle Pfeiffer did it as Catwoman in 1992's Batman Returns. Soon, you'll get your opportunity when the U.S. Postal Service debuts eight Batman stamps on Oct. 9.

See also: POW! Batman Medley Video Blends 50 Years of Music and Batmobiles

The limited-edition stamps, commemorating Batman's 75th anniversary, feature various versions of Gotham City's Dark Knight. Below, from left to right, are four of the stamps described as Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and Modern Age:

Image: United States Postal Service

Four other designs will highlight four versions of the Batman emblem: Read more...

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Purposely Bending an iPhone Doesn't Mean Bendgate Is Real, It Means You're an Assh*le

Monday Sep 29th 2014

Bendgate just won't go away. A week after reports of iPhone 6 Plus devices being a little too flexible went viral, the durability of Apple's biggest smartphone is still a growing topic of conversation.

For its part, Apple says that it's very rare for an iPhone 6 Plus to warp or bend, and the company even went so far as to open up its testing lab to some members of the pressConsumer Reports' own lab tests also refuted Bendgate — at least when pressure is applied in the center of the phone and not focused exclusively on the seam near the buttons.

See also: The Apple iPhone 6 Plus 'BendGate' Is Already Out of Control Read more...

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The FCC Is Considering Rules That Could Change TV Forever

Monday Sep 29th 2014

The Federal Communications Commission is preparing to take comment on a new set of rules that could drastically change the television landscape in the U.S.

The regulator is preparing to propose changes that would allow online video distributors (OVDs) to be eligible for the same considerations as cable and satellite television operators. The most notable proposed changes would be to the FCC's program access rules, which would essentially force content creators to negotiate with Aereo and a variety of other tech companies that could be interested in distributing television online

See also: FCC Advances Controversial Proposal on Net Neutrality Read more...

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Apple Updates OS X to Protect Against Shellshock

Monday Sep 29th 2014

Apple has issued an update for the Shellshock Bash vulnerability for OS X Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks.

The update, which is available directly from Apple and not delivered through the Mac App Store, patches the version of Bash included in OS X. Lion users can download the update here, Mountain Lion users, here.

See also: What Is Shellshock, How Does It Work and Why Does It Matter?

Shellshock became public last week and although its main target is web servers, the inclusion of Bash in OS X gave plenty of Mac users a reason to feel uncomfortable. Apple released a statement saying that although the vast majority of Mac users would not be affected by the vulnerability, it would be issuing a patch for "experienced UNIX users." Read more...

More about Security, Apple, Os X, Tech, and Apps Software

Advertising Turns to Tech to Engage Consumers

Monday Sep 29th 2014

Premium cable network Showtime recently launched a tactile, mobile ad to hype the return of its award-winning spy thriller, Homeland. The technology — never before used as a TV promotion — makes an Android phone vibrate 60 times during the preview’s most dramatic moments.

Marriott Hotels has given people a peek at Hawaii and the U.K. via a "4D" experience called The Teleporter. Consumers step into a phone booth-like structure wearing an Oculus Rift headset, and feel as if they've been dropped into the middle of a beach vacation or a bustling day in downtown London.

The Sun Alarm app from Nivea will wake users only if there's a great beach day in the making. The skin care brand's detachable bracelet, found in a magazine ad, will let parents keep track of their kids at the seaside. Read more...

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Hong Kong's 'Umbrella Man' and 9 Other Iconic Protest Images

Monday Sep 29th 2014

In Hong Kong, protesters have been demonstrating for the expansion of political rights — and against Beijing. In Ferguson, Missouri, people reacted to the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer, saying it fit a pattern of police brutality and unaccountability. In Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Yemen, Egypt and Iran, people wanted more political freedom.

See also: The Hong Kong Kids Standing Up to Beijing

But if the protests shared some characteristics, each was also unique — as these iconic images show. Read more...

More about Hong Kong, Us World, World, Ukraine, and Occupycentral

Damon Lindelof Previews 'Lost'-Inspired 'Phineas and Ferb'

Monday Sep 29th 2014

Lost's Damon Lindelof loves a good puzzle. And there's something about Disney XD's Phineas and Ferb, a show he enjoys watching with his young son, that satisfies his craving for a good character-rich twist.

"I have a number of colleagues, Simon Pegg is one of them, who is one of these guys who their kid was watching the show and watched and episode and became totally hooked," he tells Mashable. "And I think there's a lot of great children's programming out there it's really hard to find something like Phineas and Ferb that really rewards adult viewers and has a very intelligent structure to it, and is aware of itself." Read more...

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