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4K video recording comes to Microsoft Lumia devices with Denim update

Saturday Dec 20th 2014

Microsoft has started rolling out its 'Denim' software update for Lumia devices, bringing an improved camera and more abilities for Cortana, the voice assistant on Windows Phone.

The update, detailed back in September, is a big one, bringing a solid list of new features

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The highlights of the update mostly have to do with the camera, including 4K video recording, fast camera start (from sleep mode to taking a photo in a little more than one second), Rich Capture mode (which automatically applies features like HDR, Dynamic Flash and Dynamic Exposure) Read more...

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Inside the Pakistan school where gunmen killed more than 140 people

Saturday Dec 20th 2014

On Tuesday morning, Taliban gunmen attacked a school in northwestern Pakistan, killing more than 140 people — mostly children. It was the deadliest Taliban attack in Pakistan's history.

This week, memorials and funerals have taken place to commemorate those who died

The Army Public School's hallways and classrooms are now destroyed, riddled with bullets, marking the horrific event.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press

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Dr. Ruth's tips for jolly sex during the holiday season

Friday Dec 19th 2014

As the holidays approach, people are heading home in droves, often with their significant others in tow. Unfortunately, nothing dampens sexual appetite quite like the thought of having sex in a room that shares a wall with the guest room occupied by grandma.

With fears of unwelcome relatives barging in on intimate moments, we turned to a household name known for her candor when speaking on both sex and relationships: Ruth Westheimer, best known as Dr. Ruth

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At the age of 86, Dr. Ruth remains a welcome voice in the world of sexuality. Since her early days working for Planned Parenthood and her resulting interest in the study of human sexuality, Dr. Ruth has spent nearly 40 years helping people discover, understand and grow comfortable with their varying sexualities. She remains a voice people turn to, and is active on Twitter with more than 83,000 followers. Read more...

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Kim Kardashian's over her mom's 'omish sh*t'

Friday Dec 19th 2014

Oh no she didn't

Kim Kardashian West sent momager Kris Jenner a strongly-worded email Friday critiquing her fashion choices, telling Kris to stop strutting about town in "pilgrim adams family outfits." Jenner published the email on her Instagram, because she needed some new material for the 900th season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians

After spending an amazing morning at The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment breakfast, and while I was in my car and hadn't even gotten home yet, my LOVELY daughter @kimkardashian sent me this delightful email after she apparently saw my picture I wanted to share with you her special holiday cheer. #ithoughtilookedfab #cantdoanythingrightlol

A photo posted by @krisjenner on Dec 12, 2014 at 11:49am PST Read more...

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Ferguson prosecutor says grand jury heard witnesses who lied under oath

Friday Dec 19th 2014

St. Louis prosecutor Robert McCulloch said in a local radio interview on Friday that some of the witnesses who testified before the grand jury that declined to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown were clearly not telling the truth, but he will not seek perjury charges

In his first interview since he announced the grand jury decision last month, McCulloch told St. Louis radio station KTRS that he wanted jurors to be able to decide for themselves whether witnesses were credible, despite the fact that some accounts were demonstrably false. McCulloch said the jury was well aware that these witnesses were not being truthful. Read more...

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Two world leaders, one press conference mash-up

Friday Dec 19th 2014

U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin both recently held end-of-year press conferences, so why not compare them?

Both world leaders spoke about a range of topics, though Putin's lasted around three times longer than Obama's

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You can watch Obama's hour-long press conference, below

And here's an English translation of Putin's three-hour conference:

But if you'd rather skip to some of the better parts, then continue reading for a comparison of their comments on similar topics Read more...

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Who's really to blame for canceling 'The Interview' - and when might we see it?

Friday Dec 19th 2014

LOS ANGELES — Will you ever get to see The Interview?

There's a Rube Goldberg machine of factors between now and the day you get to watch Seth Rogen and James Franco go on a mission to North Korea, bent on assassinating Kim Jong-un — the very guy who, according to the U.S. government, is preventing you from seeing The Interview.

SEE ALSO: A complete recap of 'The Interview,' the movie Sony may never show you

As of Friday night, we were still in the finger-pointing stage: Sony squarely laid the blame on movie theater chains for chickening out, saying the film was pulled "as a result of the majority of the nation’s theater owners choosing not to screen the film. This was their decision." Read more...

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How the FBI says it connected North Korea to the Sony hack — and why some experts are still skeptical

Friday Dec 19th 2014

The FBI on Friday said that North Korea was responsible for the massive hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The hack leaked personal employee information, embarrassing emails and after a series of threats ultimately led to the cancelation of the comedy film, The Interview.

See also: Sony hackers reportedly praise executives for pulling 'The Interview'

The FBI's official statement offered insight into how it believes the intrusion into Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) took place.

Malware at large

The FBI says that the SPE attack consisted of "the deployment of destructive malware." In other words, the hacking group infected SPE systems with malware that not only provided access to thousands of systems but destroyed the data on those systems after the data sieve was complete. Its investigation, as well as its collaboration with other government agencies, gave it "enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible for these actions." Read more...

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Google Play would be the perfect host for 'The Interview'

Friday Dec 19th 2014

It's not looking good for The Interview.

The film, which saw its release canceled in the wake of the epic Sony Pictures hack and subsequent terror threats from the hackers, may not appear on the screen of any theater for a very long time.

President Barack Obama weighed in on the matter Friday, saying it was a "mistake" for Sony to pull the release of the film. Sony CEO Michael Lynton responded, saying the company was still committed to some kind of release, and blamed the halted release on theater owners, who refused to screen the film after threats of physical attacks.

See also: Sony CEO fires back: 'We have not caved,' disputes Obama's comments Read more...

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Lawmaker stands by abortion bill requiring man's consent: 'It's not a woman's body, it's a child's life'

Friday Dec 19th 2014

The Missouri state representative who introduced a bill that would require a woman to obtain the written, notarized consent of a the father before obtaining an abortion has defended the proposed legislation despite outcry from state Democrats and women's health groups.

In an interview with local NBC affiliate KHSB on Thursday, Rep. Rick Brattin said H.B. 131, which he filed in early December, was a bid to stand up for men's rights, which, he said, have been eroded by feminists.

See also: Americans voted in favor of legalizing weed, a higher minimum wage and more

“With the women's movement for equal rights, well it's swung so far we have now taken away the man's right and the say in their child's life,” Brattin said. "Right now the way it is, the woman gets the full say and the father gets no say, and I think that that needs to change.” Read more...

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Rival protesters—for and against police—face off in New York

Friday Dec 19th 2014

After two rival demonstrations converged near New York City Hall Friday afternoon—one supporting the New York Police Department and the other opposing police brutality—some anti-police protesters continued their march throughout Manhattan, temporarily taking over the Manhattan Bridge overpass and stalling traffic.

While the New York police brutality protesters focused on the police-involved killings of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson in August and 43-year-old Eric Garner in Staten Island in July, activists in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, gathered to remember another black man fatally shot by a police officer who hasn't had as much play in the national media. Read more...

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Colorado's neighbors are suing it over legal weed

Friday Dec 19th 2014

Nebraska and Oklahoma would like Colorado to roll back its week legalization, and they're willing to go to court over it

The two states have filed a lawsuit against Colorado in the U.S. Supreme Court, challenging the nation's first, but not the last, state to legalize marijuana

See also: Former driver takes on UPS in Supreme Court pregnancy discrimination case

We've broken down different aspects of the legal challenge, below

Why Nebraska and Oklahoma?

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning speaks at a news conference in Lincoln, Nebraska on Dec. 18.

Image: Nati Harnik/Associated Press

Nebraska and Oklahoma both share relatively small borders with Colorado, and officials in both states say they've seen more pot slip across state lines since Colorado legalized marijuana at the start of the year Read more...

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NASA releases 'astronaut's-eye view' of Orion spacecraft's re-entry

Friday Dec 19th 2014

Ever wonder what an astronaut would see as he or she splashed back to earth aboard a NASA spacecraft?

A new video released by the space agency allows you to experience just that, providing an "astronaut's-eye view" of re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere aboard the Orion spacecraft

See also: Why NASA's Orion is critical for our future in space

The perspective, filmed by a camera onboard Orion during it's historic Dec. 5 test flight, shows the moment of re-entry to the craft's successful splashdown. NASA plans to one day use Orion for a roundtrip manned Mars mission, so one day astronauts may see this very same view. Read more...

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12 Days of 'Orange': The ladies of Litchfield get in the holiday spirit

Friday Dec 19th 2014

Even inmates like to feel festive during the most wonderful time of the year.

The ladies of Orange is the New Black relive their first days in Litchfield with a Christmas carol, complete with everything from "12 smokes for smoking," down to "a chicken in the yard." The holidays are always sweeter when you're filled with fond memories and good frenemies.

Too bad orange jumpsuits don't go with red and green.

Woman claims Jenga victory with an insanely difficult move

Brighten your holidays with Kermit singing 'It Feels Like Christmas'

The cutest staring contest you'll ever have is one with a baby sloth

Nick Offerman does a Grinch-y reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' Read more...

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North Korea on the Sony hack: It wasn't us!

Friday Dec 19th 2014

North Korea on Friday denied the FBI's accusation that it was behind a devastating hacking attack on Sony but it said the now-shelved film "The Interview" mocked the impoverished but nuclear-armed country.

See also: A complete recap of 'The Interview,' the movie Sony may never show you

"It defamed the image of our country. It made a mockery of our sovereignty. We reject it," a North Korean diplomat to the United Nations, Kim Song, told The Associated Press. "But there is no relation (to the hacking)."

The satirical film is about a plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un. Sony this week canceled its release after major U.S. theater chains decided not to show the movie amid threats of violence by the hackers. Read more...

More about Sony, North Korea, Entertainment, Film, and Us

How Israeli extremists use WhatsApp to incite violence

Friday Dec 19th 2014

Praise for murderers, calls for revenge and mobilization of angry activists: This is how an extreme right-wing Israeli group uses WhatsApp to communicate among its members.

See also: How Israel's government collapsed

Records recently obtained by Mashable show that members of the group, “El-Yahud Revenge,” advocate vigilantism and violence in response to attacks on Israeli Jews.

"For every terror attack, we need to retaliate with a vendetta like the one done by our strong brothers who murdered Muhammad Abu-Khdeir," wrote one member of the group, referencing the Palestinian teenager who was bludgeoned and burned to death in June as revenge after the killing of three Israeli teens. Read more...

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Justin Bieber dethroned as king of Instagram in massive follower purge

Friday Dec 19th 2014

In what is being referred to as the Instagram "purge," many Instagram users lost tons of followers when the picture-sharing platform cleared out inactive and spam accounts on Thursday.

Poor Justin Bieber was dethroned as the most-followed Instagram user, losing 3.5 million followers in less than 24 hours, according to a list compiled by 64px. On Thursday, he had 23.8 million followers; after the purge, Biebs has a mere 20.3 million Instagram acolytes. Beliebers, we assume, rallied after learning of his fall from grace.

See also: Kim Kardashian crops North West out of picture, enrages followers Read more...

More about Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Instagram, and Social Media

Sony CEO fires back: 'We have not caved,' disputes Obama's comments

Friday Dec 19th 2014

LOS ANGELES — Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton told CNN on Friday that the studio did not "cave" under pressure from hackers to pull The Interview from theaters, disputing President Obama's version of events and placing blame for the decision squarely on the nation's movie theater chains

Lynton added that Sony "would still like the public to see" The Interview. He spoke on the heels of a press conference during which Obama said Sony had "made a mistake" by pulling the film in light of a threat aimed at theaters.

SEE ALSO: A complete recap of 'The Interview,' the movie Sony may never show you Read more...

More about Entertainment, Movies, North Korea, Film, and Sony Hack

Want to know what Virgin Hotels will be like? Check out the membership program

Friday Dec 19th 2014

Virgin Hotels won't launch its first property until January, in Chicago. But that isn't stopping the Richard Branson company from getting its membership program up and running, giving us a sneak peek at how the highly-anticipated property aims to run things differently.

"The Know," announced this week, is clearly a Virgin-branded approach to customer service. The sign-up process for the "preference program" — with its questions about minibar preferences, favorite music and cocktails — is less about the hotel room and more about providing an experience.

See also: 14 Unique Hotels for an Extraordinary Vacation Read more...

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Facebook Messenger add-on lets you cover photos in emoji

Friday Dec 19th 2014

Facebook Messenger, the social network's message app, is getting some Christmas-themed updates on Android on Friday.

The biggest one is Stickered, a lightweight add-on app that allows Facebook users to add stickers to photos and send them through Messenger

See also: Don't Freak Out About the Facebook Messenger App

That means you can finally put huge smiley faces with heart-shaped eyes over your friends' faces, like so:

Image: Facebook

In addition to Stickered, the updated Messenger will include holiday features like "festive frames" for New Year's Eve selfies along with holiday-themed sticker packs and snow globe chat heads. (Chat heads are the circular icons that float in the Facebook app when a conversation is active.) Read more...

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