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Updated: 21 hours 29 min ago

Facebook battles fake Libra sellers before launching its controversial cryptocoin

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Libra already has the dubious honour of being so dodgy that its dodginess is pretty much the only thing U.S. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle  can actually agree on. It’s been dubbed a “shitcoin” by a sitting congressman, put on tweet-blast by Donald Trump, and sent some other cryptocurrency prices tumbling.

To top it all off, Facebook’s decentralised blockchain currency project is inspiring some online (ahem) entrepreneurs to sell fake Libra — even though it won’t be available until 2020.

A Washington Post report found that “roughly a dozen” pages across Facebook and Instagram are pretending to be authorised hubs where users can purchase the currency, using official marketing images and designs, and sometimes even photos of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Some promise discounted rates available on external third-party sites.  Read more...

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A 'technical error' in Facebook's Messenger Kids app let kids bypass its own safety rule

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Facebook just proved that critics and privacy advocates were right to question whether the social network could be trusted to run an app aimed at children younger than 13. 

The app mistakenly allowed "thousands" of children to exchange messages with people who had not been approved by their parents, contrary to the app's rules, according to a report by The Verge. 

Due to a "technical error," children were able to participate in group chats even when there were members who had not been previously approved by their parents. One of Messenger Kids' safety features requires that parents pre-approve friends that are allowed to message their children.  Read more...

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This is why DoorDash delivery workers usually prefer cash tips

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

When you order a burger and fries on a food delivery app, do you know where your tip is going?

After a New York Times story over the weekend highlighted popular food delivery service DoorDash's tipping policy, people were surprised to learn that DoorDash takes the tip paid in the app, but ensures a minimum payout to its delivery workers, known as Dashers. 

This prompted a look at how you tip delivery workers who bring food orders to your door from restaurants by car or bicycle. Here's an example from the NYT reporter's experience delivering in New York City on an electric bicycle.

On the DoorDash Reddit page, a customer posted Monday, "I'm a regular customer of [DoorDash] that has started doing cash tips because of this. I know I'm one person but I'm hoping that word keeps getting out and the situation keeps improving!" Read more...

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Logan Paul says he's an 'ex-controversial YouTuber' in an interview with Fox Business

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Logan Paul traded in his Maverick merch for a blazer for an interview with Fox Business, and it's a wild ride. 

The 24-year-old YouTuber, infamous for recording and laughing at the body of a suicide victim in a vlog last year, graced Fox Business on Monday. During the interview, he oscillated between bragging about his clout and admitting that his career may be going downhill. 

Oh, and he had pink eye. 

"I have to stop you right there, you said ... you used the word 'controversial," Paul shot back after host Liz Claman's introduction. "Just so you know, I am an ex-controversial YouTuber." 

When asked about Facebook and YouTube's battle to become the internet's main video platform, Paul started to make a point about how children consume video content, and ended with "You're talking about a lot of stuff I don't know much about ... I'm kinda just out here."  Read more...

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Animal shelter finds forever homes for furry 'aliens' with Area 51 memes

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

While the U.S. Air Force has sternly warned against anyone actually storming the Area 51 base come September, we know of one base that you absolutely can, and should storm. Except it's not a base at all. And the only aliens are furry. And it's in Texas.  

Okay, the base is, in fact, the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center in Longview, Texas. The animal shelter is using the latest meme to help beam their adorable "aliens" out to forever homes. While another animal shelter in Oklahoma seemed to be the first to the viral moment, what's better than more puppies wearing tin foil has? Puppies wearing tin foil hats and kittens that look like Boo from Monsters Inc.! Read more...

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Uber tests $25 monthly subscription for rides, food delivery, and more

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Uber is testing a service that includes car rides, food delivery, and scooter and bike access for a monthly subscription fee. 

In San Francisco and Chicago, you can now get discounts and price protection on certain routes, free delivery on Uber Eats, and free rides on Jump e-bikes and e-scooters for $24.99 a month. 

It's similar to the $24.99 Rider Pass already available in more than 20 cites, except that subscription doesn't include the Uber Eats perk. It does, however, make Jump bike and scooters free for 30 minutes every day, if those devices are rentable where you live. 

One pass to rule them all.

Image: uber

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Miami's most luxurious tower is building a skyport for flying cars

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Paramount Miami Worldcenter, the most luxurious residential tower in the U.S., will soon have a first-of-its-kind flying cars skyport. Read more...

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How the FTC let Mark Zuckerberg off the hook

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Facebook's FTC headache will soon be over and it looks like Mark Zuckerberg will emerge unscathed.

The Federal Trade Commission will formally announce its record-setting $5 billion fine against Facebook this week, according The Wall Street Journal.

The fine, the result of the FTC's long-running investigation into the social network's privacy practices following Cambridge Analytica, will be the largest the agency has ever brought against a tech company. Still, many critics have already said the fine does not go far enough to punish Facebook, which took in more than $15 billion last quarter alone. (Facebook's stock actually rose following news of the fine earlier this month.)  Read more...

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Best laptop and tablet deals this week: Shop Chromebooks, iPads, Lenovo, and more

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Just because Prime Day week is officially over doesn't mean the deals are.

In fact, there are still sales and discounts aplenty — and to keep up with our weekly routine, we sifted through the best ones exclusively on laptops and tablets to save you your hard-earned cash and gain you a brand-new personal device. 

SEE ALSO: 6 of the best gaming laptops that cost less than $1,000

This week is a pretty diverse bunch — 2-in-1 laptops, iPads, Chromebooks, MacBook Airs, and refurbished Amazon Fire Tablets are all here (plus others that are sure to fill up your best-in-tech wishlist). 

Take a look at all the best tablet and laptop deals that we found this week, and don't forget to treat yourself.  Read more...

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Tesla driver kills pedestrian with Getaround rental

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Getting behind the wheel of a Tesla rented through Getaround's car-sharing app is a breeze — perhaps too much so. 

On Sunday, a 22-year-old driver allegedly ran a red light in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood, crashing a rented Tesla into another car before striking two pedestrians in a nearby crosswalk. The driver, who is reportedly not old enough to have rented the car via the app, killed one of the two pedestrians and left the other hospitalized in critical condition. 

So reports the San Francisco Chronicle, which notes the age of the driver of the rented car as 22. Getaround's website, which offers Teslas starting at $25 an hour, states that renters of specialty cars must be at least 25 years oldRead more...

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Slash $100 off a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

TL;DR: Get lifetime access to a comprehensive Rosetta Stone language course for $199, normally priced at $299. 

There are lots of things you might be too old for — staying out all night, learning gymnastics, sleeping on a futon — but learning a second language is not one of them. 

Whether you're looking to travel somewhere new in the future, or just want to challenge your mind, let 2019 be the year you finally become multilingual.

While there are a ton of up-and-coming language-learning apps, Rosetta Stone remains the mother of all software on the market and right now, you can slash $100 off a lifetime subscription. Read more...

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Screwed by Equifax? Apply to get some of the record-breaking $700 million settlement.

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Equifax, one of the largest credit bureaus in the United States, agreed to pay up to $700 million for a 2017 data breach that affected nearly 150 million customers.

The FTC announced details of the settlement on Monday. It would be the most ever paid by a company for a data breach, once it gets court approval. 

According to Equifax, the company will put up to $425 million towards a consumer restitution fund in order to “pay for three-bureau credit monitoring for consumers whose information was impacted in the 2017 breach, actual out-of-pocket losses related to the breach, and other consumer benefits such as identity restoration services.” Read more...

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The logo for Marvel's new 'Loki' series gets slammed and meme'd by fans

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Graphic design is not always Marvel's passion. 

Marvel Studios kicked off MCU Phase 4 during San Diego Comic Con this weekend, revealing new projects, movies, and series on the timeline that'll be released in the next few years. This included the announcements of releases for Disney's new streaming service, Disney+

Making our way through the Avengers roster we have titles for WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and of course the god of mischief himself, Loki.

Just announced in Hall H at #SDCC, Marvel Studios’ LOKI, an original series with Tom Hiddleston. Streaming exclusively on Disney+, Spring

— Marvel Studios (@MarvelStudios) July 21, 2019

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Best TV deals for the week of July 22

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Comic-Con went down this past weekend and the MCU was very blessed. Marvel announced a crop of new movies and TV shows to usher in Phase 4 of the franchise, including confirmation of a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and a new Thor movie.

If that's not the kicker you need to watch (or rewatch) all 22 movies to prep for the new stuff, we're not sure what is. How to experience it in the best way possible? A 4K TV. Movies as action-packed as these need the details that millions of pixels can provide — and no one will be complaining about seeing Chris Evans, Hemsworth, or Pratt's faces in HDR.

SEE ALSO: You'll probably see some of those Marvel Disney+ characters back on the big screen Read more...

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Charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time with this device, now on sale

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

TL;DR: The powerful BatteryPro portable charger is $89 (a savings of 10%) for a limited time in the Mashable Shop.

Batteries are the Achilles heel of electronic devices. If only battery technology can keep up with the advancement of gadgets, then we wouldn't have to scramble for power outlets multiple times a day. Until the tech gods come up with a way to make batteries last all day long (with streaming and all), we have no choice but to settle for chargers to keep us juiced up and connected on the go.

The BatteryPro Portable Charger is an ultra-portable battery that is capable of refueling your Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously. Read more...

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Microsoft dumps $1 billion into 'artificial general intelligence' project

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Microsoft announced a $1 billion investment in OpenAI, a lab co-founded by Elon Musk to develop "artificial general intelligence."

The investment is the start of a long-term partnership between the two organizations. OpenAI will ensure its services work on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, and the companies will collaborate on new supercomputers. 

OpenAI's stated mission is to develop "artificial general intelligence," or AGI. In layman's terms, AGI is AI that can think like a human (possibly even better) while carrying out complex tasks autonomously. Whether or not an AGI would immediately decide to incinerate humanity a la Skynet remains to be seen, but OpenAI at least claims its artificial intelligence would be safe and beneficial for the human race. Read more...

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15 extremely controversial thoughts about cheese

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Mashable bites into a creamy, nutty, gooey, and sometimes stinky world during our first-ever Cheese Week.

I like pretty much every type of cheese imaginable. Burrata? Gimme. Manchego? With honey, please. Brie? Pour me a glass of Pinot to pair. 

Most of my cheese takes are pretty uncontroversial, but I do have one opinion that I generally keep to myself. It's embarrassing, and not something you would know about me unless we've ever been roommates. But I don't see a reason to hide it anymore: I love to eat shredded cheese straight from the bag, and I will not apologize for it. 

Shredded cheese is pretty much only good for specific situations: Melting into scrambled eggs, sprinkling on top of mac and cheese before baking it, crafting the perfect quesadilla. It's also really satisfying to eat alone, standing in front of your fridge, probably in the dark, and yes, with your hands.  Read more...

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The Dyson Airwrap is back in stock — for now

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

TL;DR: The cult-favorite Dyson Airwrap is back in stock — get it for $549.

If you follow the beauty tech industry at all, you know that the Dyson Airwrap has been flying off of shelves since its launch in October 2018. It’s constantly out of stock. We saw it come back in May, and it quickly sold out again.

But guess who’s back, back again. The Dyson Airwrap is back, but maybe don’t tell your friends until you get your hands on it — who knows how long we have until it sells out again. Dyson had a list of 113,000 people waiting to purchase the innovative curling tool.

People love the $549 Airwrap because you’re able to curl, wave, smooth, and dry your hair without causing excessive heat damage. It uses high-speed air flow that causes hair to attach to its surface, creating texture without totally frying the ends. It’s seriously innovative and earned a well-deserved spot on our list of best curling irons and styling wands. Read more...

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Scientists built a robot octopus that moves its tentacles like the real thing

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

Researchers at London's Queen Mary University built a robot octopus that mimics the way real-life octopuses move. As explained in their paper, "Bio-Inspired Octopus Robot Based on Novel Soft Fluidic Actuator," the invention is equipped with a novel actuation system which pumps air into the robot's "tentacles," allowing it to rotate and change direction almost like the real thing. Read more...

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This Dell Inspiron 24 3000 Touch monitor is on sale for $750

Monday Jul 22nd 2019

TL;DR: This productivity-boosting touchscreen Dell Inspiron 24 3480 monitor is on sale for $749.99, saving you nearly $170 or 20%.

The end of July can feel like the end of summer. We can't help but count down the days to the monotonous work week without rooftop happy hours and summer Fridays, and that impending doom can really put a damper on work and the creativity flow.

The Dell Inspiron 24 3480 Touch All-in-1 monitor could be the motivation boost you need to continue cranking out good work, and it's on sale for $170 off.

SEE ALSO: Which tablet should you get? We compare the iPad, Fire HD, Microsoft Surface, and more. Read more...

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