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Updated: 20 hours 14 min ago

'A Dog's Purpose' premiere canceled, after outcry over frightened dog video

20 hours 19 min ago

This weekend's premiere of A Dog's Purpose has been canceled, after videos of handlers forcing a frightened German Shepherd into choppy water on set sparked furious outcry.

SEE ALSO: PETA boycotts 'A Dog's Purpose' over video of German Shepherd forced into rushing water

The video, posted earlier this week on TMZ, shows an upset German Shepherd being forced by his handler into turbulent water for a scene, as voices are heard in the background telling the man to "just throw him in."

The video, which has invited a stream of angry reactions from the public, also led PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to call for a boycott of the movie, which is set for a wider U.S. release a week from now. Read more...

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Alec Baldwin reprises Trump impersonation at anti-inauguration rally

20 hours 57 min ago

Protesters have gathered around the U.S. Thursday night, in the lead-up to Donald Trump's inauguration.

New York City's rally featured the likes of Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Robert De Niro, Al Sharpton and Alec Baldwin were in attendance. The latter of which just couldn't help himself.

SEE ALSO: 6 ways to push your online activism into the real world in the Trump era

Baldwin, who's cut a reputation for his impersonations of the president-elect on Saturday Night Live, reprised his role in front of protestors outside Trump Tower in Manhattan.

"I just want to say, I've been standing out here in the freezing cold for a long time," Baldwin said, in the voice of Trump.  Read more...

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'Thin doesn't mean unhealthy': Zoo's ridiculous defence of skeletal sun bears

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

Warning: Disturbing video footage.

An Indonesian zoo which has come under heavy criticism after videos emerged of its shockingly gaunt sun bears has defended itself, saying that thin animals are not necessarily unhealthy.

Many demanded the closure of the zoo after footage emerged from an animal wildlife group. In the disturbing videos, the starving bears in spartan concrete enclosures were seen begging visitors for fruit and even eating their own faeces.

Yet the Bandung zoo has defended the animals' living conditions.

SEE ALSO: Videos of starving sun bears in a zoo begging for food spark outrage Read more...

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Singapore's first hypercar will be an all-electric carbon-fibre machine

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

Singapore has unveiled its first all-electric hypercar, a sleek work of engineering that it plans to exhibit in a couple of months at a global motor show.

The 1,500-horsepower Dendrobium from Vanda Electrics is touted as a carbon-fibre and aluminium wonder, and will be built with help from the renowned Williams Advanced Engineering, of Formula One racing fame.

Image: vanda electrics

SEE ALSO: Faraday Future just unveiled a super fast Tesla competitor — here's what it looks like

Vanda is a newly set up unit of family-run Wong Fong Industries, which is better known for building cranes and forklifts in Singapore. Read more...

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How to lose your verified account: Pretend to be communist Jackie Onassis

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

Jackie Onassis, the First Lady to U.S. President John F. Kennedy, has been kicking up a bit of a storm on Twitter in the past few months. So much so, that she's had her account suspended, blue tick and all.

All this, despite the fact she passed away back in 1994. Way before the social platform existed.

SEE ALSO: Twitter crosses enemy lines in search of new friends

Apparently, she was sending out some very risque tweets about shooting capitalists and abolishing private property on her verified account.

Image: raph dixon

Image: raph dixon

Confused? Well, there's a ruse here. Jackie Onassis is also the name of an Australian rap duo.  Read more...

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The deplorables have arrived in Washington, but they're not exactly united

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

When Hillary Clinton said she believes "half of Trump's supporters" can be put into "the basket of deplorables," no one could have predicted the way they would embrace the term. 

Clinton prefaced the phrase by saying she was being "grossly generalistic," but Trump fans had all they needed. 

SEE ALSO: The alt-right's high school drama reveals a bigger struggle

"Deplorables" appeared on mugs and T-shirts. It became a marker to point to the elitism of Clinton and a rallying cry for those who would vote for her opponent. They called themselves deplorables, and they were proud of label. And now, with an inaugural ball called the "Deploraball"on Thursday and an event by a similar name set for Friday — the day of Trump's inauguration — the deplorables have made their presence known in the nation's capital.  Read more...

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Hardcore retiree defies knitting group rules by trolling Donald Trump

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

Who knew the seeds of the revolution would not be sewn in shady, dark backrooms but in a Facebook group called "Addicted To Knitting?"

A tweet from a knitting enthusiast-cum-political rebel named Elsie Hay Cook has gone viral, rallying social media against the "short-fingered vulgarian," Donald Trump.

SEE ALSO: Meet the dude who knits sweaters of places, then visits them

Cook posted a snarkily worded anti-Trump dig and accompanying found photo to the knitting Facebook group.

The post picked up considerable traction on the site, but things really blew up when Twitter user @Francesca_Crit shared a screenshot.  Read more...

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How Trump's inauguration concert compared to Obama's

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

President-elect Donald Trump's inaugural concert featured a few lesser known faces than President Barack Obama's did in 2009 when compared. Read more...

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Try not to tear up reading Obama's farewell letter to America

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

Obama signed out on his last full day in office Thursday with an eloquent thank you to the American public, in a short note whose eloquence contrasted sharply with the rhetoric of his successor.

Pausing to reflect on the people he's met during his eight years in office, Obama insisted in the humble missive that "all that I've learned in my time in office, I've learned from you."

SEE ALSO: Watch Michelle Obama transform from spunky toddler to fabulous FLOTUS in one GIF

He's seen the "decency, determination, good humor, and kindness" of Americans, he added in the hopeful note, "and in your daily acts of citizenship, I've seen our future unfolding." Read more...

More about Barack Obama, President Obama, Entertainment, and Politics

'Overwatch but with Cats' is the only YouTube you need

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

It's Overwatch, but they're cats.

So instead of offense heroes McCree, Tracer, Sombra, Reaper, Soldier: 76, Genji, and Pharah ... you get Meowcree, Chaser, Clawmbra, Reapurr, Whisker: 76, Kittenji, and Furrah.

And get this: Furrah's ult is a hailstorm of yarn balls. It's adorable.

The animations — which recreate each's hero's actual highlight intros from Overwatch — are the work of Dillon Gu, a former Rooster Teeth animator and owner of the dillongoo YouTube channel. He nailed the kitty-fied heroes so well that "KatsuWatch" picked up a share from the Overwatch Twitter, which is apparently on fire today. Read more...

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West Wing staff's farewell to Obama will give you all the feels

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

The Obamas have gone and the West Wing is empty, but we still have the memories.

After six years and 388 episodes, the final edition of West Wing Week went up on YouTube Thursday, and the last installment of our regular insight into life in the White House was a tearjerker.

From fond farewells to staff to poignant addresses to the nation, and of course that intensely emotional moment with Joe Biden, the clip is one final emotional memento of Obama's time in office.

High school student tells Betsy DeVos exactly how her policies would hurt her

Watch in awe as the world's bravest duck openly trolls a tiger

Gorillaz return after 6 years with anti-Trump music video

Top 10 best uses of color in a movie ever Read more...

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Instagram is obsessing over these delicate flower-shaped gelato cones

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

Our culture is defined by iconic mash-ups. Kim and Kanye. Obama and Biden. And now, roses and gelato.

i-Creamy, a gelato store in Sydney, Australia, is seeing locals and tourists alike lose their collective minds over the adorable treats.

SEE ALSO: Extremely heartbroken voicemail to a closed gelato store is too perfect

"We are the first and the only gelateria that serves the flower-shaped gelato in ... Australia at the moment," said store manager "Pat" to Mashable via Messenger.

People clearly can't get enough of the sugary spirals, sharing their joy with Instagram fiends in Sydney and beyond. Read more...

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Serena Williams gracefully disses a reporter who called her 'scrappy'

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

Don't say mean things to the G.O.A.T tennis pro and expect to get away with it.

World number 2 women's tennis player, Serena Williams was clearly wasn't down with a reporter labelling her Thursday performance "scrappy," after she finished up a tough match against world number 61, Lucie Safarova, at the Australian Open.

SEE ALSO: You're breaking my balls: Tennis pro smashes rival in the groin during match

The reporter tried to highlight Williams' higher number of double faults (6) and unforced errors (23) in comparison to her opponent, but she clapped right back.

"Oh I think that's a very negative thing to say," Williams said after the reporter's "scrappy" comment. "Are you serious?"  Read more...

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Uber agrees to pay $20 million to settle claims that it exaggerated driver pay

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

Uber has agreed to pay $20 million to settle a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit alleging that it exaggerated how much its drivers could earn.

The money will be put towards refunding the affected drivers, though the agency hasn't decided how exactly it will be apportioned. The ride-hailing service is expected to help with the process as part of the penalty.

SEE ALSO: Regulator lawsuit accuses Oracle of favoring white male workers

By settling out of court, Uber notably did not have to admit whether or not it was guilty of the charges.

"We’re pleased to have reached an agreement with the FTC," an Uber spokesperson said in an emailed statement. "We’ve made many improvements to the driver experience over the last year and will continue to focus on ensuring that Uber is the best option for anyone looking to earn money on their own schedule."  Read more...

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Trump's 2017 vs Obama's 2009: A brutal inaugural concert comparison

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

In the weeks leading up to it, Donald Trump promised America he'd assemble an impressive schedule of performances at the concert to celebrate his presidential inauguration. 

He really did try.

However, once the party got started on Thursday afternoon, it became immediately clear—if it wasn't so already—that Trump's pre-presidential concert would pale in comparison to Obama's 2009 bash.

SEE ALSO: This playlist for Trump's inauguration will burn your ears off

While we found ourselves gazing at the television screen in boredom, longing for the vocal stylings of Stevie Wonder, Usher and Beyoncé, we decided to compare major acts from the two inaugural concerts in one Read more...

More about Entertainment, Politics, Music, Donald Trump, and 2017

Twitter crosses enemy lines in search of new friends

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

Twitter has joined Instagram — only six years late to the game. 

Unfortunately for Twitter, being slow moving isn't new to the platform that has struggled with product innovation and user growth. But it's a new year for Twitter, and the company is on a kick to grow, especially in live video and on its core app.

SEE ALSO: 'Everyone wants us to win' — Twitter's marketing chief on the company's future

The move to leverage Instagram's 600 million monthly active users to grow its base of 317 million comes just days after Twitter cut its losses by converting its Vine app from a social community to a camera and by selling off Fabric, its developer platform, to Google.  Read more...

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Meet the guy who pranked Infowars into publishing fake Trump news

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

A Scottish man has played a prank on alt-right conspiracy site Infowars, by tricking it into publishing a totally, completely false report about president-elect Donald Trump. 

Markus Muir, 27, set up a fake Twitter account in which he pretended to be working for NBC and sent direct messages to Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson, claiming BuzzFeed News and CNN were ready to publish damaging footage on Trump. 

SEE ALSO: The gruesome Facebook Live that turned into a misleading, racist hashtag

The Infowars article quotes the Muir messages in several occasions and was widely shared by right-wing pages and figureheads on Facebook. According to the messages, the footage would show Trump using the n-word in a long-lost outtake of The ApprenticeRead more...

More about Fake News, Buzzfeed News, Cnn, Infowars, and Donald Trump

Samsung will finally reveal its report on why the Note7 kept catching fire

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

It looks like Samsung is finally ready to share its findings on what went wrong with the Galaxy Note7.

After months of promising to make public the results of its investigations into the phone, the Korean electronics giant revealed Thursday that it would be sharing the source of the Note7's issues in a press conference slated for Jan. 22, 2017, at 8 p.m. ET. 

At the press conference, which will be livestreamed in English on Samsung's website, company executives, along with independent investigators, will share the results of their months-long investigations, according to the company. 

"Samsung will discuss the findings of the investigations and unveil new measures Samsung has implemented in response to the incidents," Samsung said in a statement.  Read more...

More about Mobile, Note7, Samsung Galaxy Note7, Samsung, and Tech

Watch in awe as the world's bravest duck openly trolls a tiger

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

Oh, nothing. Just the world's most fearless duck, effortlessly out-swimming a tiger.

There aren't many creatures out there willing to take on a predator more than twice their size, but Symbio Wildlife Park's heroic, incredibly annoying duck isn't no ordinary creature.

The pint-sized pest was filmed openly taunting the Australian park's tiger, proving itself a true mastery of trolling as it dipped in and out of the striped killer's range.

Evidently, it's run out of f*cks to give. Long may you troll, duck.

High school student tells Betsy DeVos exactly how her policies would hurt her

Gorillaz return after 6 years with anti-Trump music video

Top 10 best uses of color in a movie ever

Jazzy cover of NSYNC's 'Bye Bye Bye' makes us nostalgic for our childhoods Read more...

More about Symbio Wildlife Park, Duck, Troll, Tiger, and Australia

These LGBTQ teens have a strong message for Donald Trump

Thursday Jan 19th 2017

In a new video message released Thursday, a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer high school students made a bold request of Donald J. Trump: Become a "president for all" instead of resorting to divisive politics and name-calling. 

SEE ALSO: Why Trump's presidency will require absolutely all your courage

One by one, the teens describe themselves and what's at stake for them in this new political era. 

The election may be over, they say, but their stories are not. They want to "exist safely," "see our differences celebrated," and "to thrive in school and society." 

The students tell Trump that they're listening and watching as he takes the oath of office and swears to uphold the constitution — "the one that says all people are equal."  Read more...

More about Donald Trump, Politics, Lgbt Rights, Lgbt Issues, and Lgbtq People
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