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Updated: 1 day 17 hours ago

Clever crocodile shows off terrifying new fishing technique

Wednesday Sep 28th 2016

Apparently having life-destroying jaws isn't enough of an advantage in the wild when it comes to catching dinner.

A photographer for NT News, Michael Franchi caught a crocodile performing a very unusual fishing technique. At least, that's the theory being touted to explain why a massive crocodile would swim around with its arms outstretched like it wants a hug.

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Crocodile expert Professor Grahame Webb told NT News that the perplexing behaviour could indeed have something to do with fishing. "It looks like some kind of herding behaviour ... and I have not seen it done anywhere else." Read more...

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Tinder's new 'boosting' function will let you pay to be seen first

Wednesday Sep 28th 2016

So many thirsty Tinder users, so little time. 

If only there were a way to sort the wheat from the chaff. The diamonds from the rough. The paying users from the cheapskates — apparently so.

It was something nobody really asked for, but in the interests of romance (and monetisation) Tinder has begun trialling a new service called Tinder Boost. Its mission? To allow paying users to skip the line, appearing as one of the first profiles when someone opens the app. 

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When using Tinder Boost, a user's profile will appear first thing (or close to it) for fellow users in your area, for a whopping 30 minutes. The brand says that equals up to 10 times more profile views.   Read more...

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Top 10 most beautiful movies of all time

Wednesday Sep 28th 2016

Get free burgers for life at this joint, if you get a tattoo of a burger that is

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

People like burgers. But how many of them are willing to get a tattoo of one, in exchange for a lifetime supply of burgers?

Well it turns out there are at least a few, as Café 51 found out. The burger joint in Melbourne, Australia is running a competition where you can get a free burger every day for the rest of your life, when you get one of its burgers inked onto your skin.

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As with any wild competition, there are some rules, sadly: You can only get one tattoo, it needs to be life-sized and it has to include the café's Burger Love logo on it. Plus you'll need to show your tattoo to staff when you want your burger. Read more...

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After wildly popular premiere, 'This Is Us' returns with another big twist

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

Spoiler warning: This post contains plot details for episode 2 of This Is Us.

The first episode of This Is Us currently stands as the highest-rated series premiere of the fall, so there's a strong possibility that you tuned in last week to see whether it could live up to the hype. 

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After revealing that four of its main characters were linked not just by a shared birthday, but by a familial bond (sneaky, right?), a few questions lingered going into the second episode:

  • Could the show maintain momentum following a pilot that often felt more like a short film than an ongoing series? 

  • Would its eleventh hour twist prove to be just another gimmick? 

  • And what were the chances that episode 2 would throw us another curveball to rival the premiere? Read more...

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Poor guy loses ring while proposing on the jumbotron at Yankee Stadium

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

It was Tuesday night and everything seemed perfect. Two Yankee fans in love were watching their team take on the Boston Red Sox.

He had the ring — ready to blast their relationship into the stratosphere like Derek Jeter hitting a home run. 

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Then, like Bill Buckner, he botched the play. While proposing on the jumbotron at Yankee Stadium, the guy in question dropped the ring, sending everyone around him searching in the stands. 

I mean, just look at his expression. 

"Oh, that poor guy," says the announcer, before making a joke about the dude's Mariano Rivera jersey.  Read more...

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No music taste? Spotify's 'Daily Mix' will just curate some for you.

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

Love music but not enough to actually seek out new artists? Hate music but want other people to think you love it? Don't worry! Spotify's released a new discover feature and it's a lazy person's dream. 

Spotify's Discover Weekly feature has seen the streaming service deliver a curated selection of new music to users, based on their listening habits. But its playlists were only two hours long and refreshed only once a week. BORING! 

SEE ALSO: How Spotify is perfecting the art of the playlist

The platform's newest feature, Daily Mix, offers a series of daily playlists that see your favourite, previously 'liked' bangers sit side-by-side with new tunes your ears have not yet enjoyed.  Read more...

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Live out your IKEA fantasies with a sleepover in this pimped-out ferry

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

Sleeping in an IKEA store isn't a totally crazy fantasy. It's something we've all probably thought about while circumnavigating the endless aisles of the Swedish store.

Now that fantasy is becoming a reality, and even better — it's on a boat. IKEA is creating what it calls "The Harbour Home," converting a Sydney Harbour ferry into a functioning houseboat, fully decked out with an IKEA interior.

SEE ALSO: Watching drunk Irish people struggle to assemble IKEA furniture is as fun as you'd expect

The furniture giant will re-design the historic Australian ferry's sleeping quarters, dining and living areas and outdoor areas, allowing one lucky punter to stay in it for a night. Read more...

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Steal a glance at cinema’s most outrageous heist scenes

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

The ragtag band of outlaws or heroes band together for one perfect job. To pull off that one perfect score. Cue the perfectly orchestrated handoff, the car chase, the narrow getaway.

It's a heist movie, and they've been around foreverCineFix offers up their top 10 heist flicks of all time, from newer fare like Inception to the classic Great Train Robbery.

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Watch Katy Perry valiantly attempt to vote nude in new video

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

Big news, everyone: looks like you cannot vote naked.

So warns Katy Perry in a new Rock the Vote sketch for Funny or Die, in which the singer heads to the polls wearing exactly what she woke up in — nothing.

SEE ALSO: Katy Perry says she'll collaborate with Taylor Swift on one condition

“Yep, I’ve briefly scanned the Constitution and nowhere does it say you can’t just roll out of bed and come to the polls in whatever state you woke up in," Perry says in the video.

As one might expect, public nudity was not wise, and Katy Perry ends up in the back of a police car with fellow lawbreaker Joel McHale. Read more...

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The most inspiring (or terrifying) monologues in film history

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

We all love good dialogue in movies, and two characters talking at cross-purposes creates great dramatic tension. 

But sometimes, the best moment in a film comes when one character steps forward and leaves it all on the table in an overwhelming monologueCineFix compiled their top monologues from throughout movie history, from heartbreaking to inspiring to terrifying—and some that are all three. 

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A bar used Colin Kaepernick's jersey as a doormat

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

Sales of Colin Kaepernick's 49ers jersey skyrocketed after the quarterback started his silent protest of racial inequality by kneeling during the national anthem

But not all have been used to honor the player. One of his jerseys has been put to use as a doormat in Virginia Beach, where Krossroads Rock and Country Bar taped Kaepernick's red No. 7 top to the floor. 

James Perry, a Virginia Beach resident, posted a photo of the jersey on Facebook last weekend, calling it an act of racism.  

SEE ALSO: Saints and Falcons put their own spin on Kaepernick's protest for peace

Parry berated the bar for villainizing Kaepernick, who he said is only exercising his free speech rights. Read more...

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Here are the top 5 takeaways from Elon Musk's big Mars speech

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk has never been shy about his ambitions to save humanity by making it a multiple planet species. 

For more than 10 years, the billionaire has championed the idea that humanity's best hope for survival is by extending our reach into the solar system. 

During a speech in Guadalaraja, Mexico on Tuesday, Musk finally laid out SpaceX's vision for getting people off Earth and establishing a city — filled with everything from pizza parlors to fueling stations — on Mars.

SEE ALSO: Elon Musk's SpaceX reveals its ambitious plan to settle Mars

"History is going to bifurcate along two directions. One path is we stay on Earth forever and then there will be some eventual extinction event," Musk said  during the speech before the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). Read more...

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The 10 most clever practical special effects in movies

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

CGI effects are amazing, mind-blowing and everywhere you look in Hollywood. But it's amazing what can be, and has been, accomplished without the aid of a computer.

CineFix compiled a list of the 10 best practical effects in movie history. Some are classics, while some are surprisingly contemporary.

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Search privately on your iPhone with Google app's new incognito mode

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

One of Chrome's more useful features has landed on Google's iOS app. 

It now has an incognito mode, just like the browser, so you can search privately. 

SEE ALSO: Google launches Allo, its AI-centric messaging app

The update, rolled out with the latest app update, allows you to open new incognito sessions directly from the app. As with Chrome, an incognito session in the Google app allows you to browse and search privately without your history being saved. You can turn on incognito in the app's settings or from your iPhone's home screen using 3D touch. 

Just like in Chrome, the app will switch to a dark theme when you're in incognito mode to differentiate it from a normal browsing session. For extra security, you can also enable Touch ID so that others won't be able to access a prior incognito session without authenticating their identity.  Read more...

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The 10 best rule-breaking movies of all time

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

What makes a "rule" of cinema? Why do rules exist? Most importantly, what happens when you break them and defy the audience's expectations?

Sometimes it feels like every new movie is just a remake of some other. That’s why it’s so great when a film shakes things up and makes us look at cinematic arts in new and unexpected ways. Here are 10 of the best rule-breakers in movie history. 

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A 'safe' Note7 exploded and destroyed this guy's MacBook Pro with it

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

Stop me if you heard this one before: A Samsung Galaxy Note7 exploded.

Hui Renjie, 25, who purchased a Note7 in China that was deemed "safe" with a non-defective battery, claims his phone blew up Monday and burned two of his fingers and damaged his MacBook Pro in the process, according to Bloomberg.

SEE ALSO: About 90% of Note7 users aren't abandoning them for iPhones, says Samsung

In China: Samsung customer says his new Note 7 phone burst into flames

— Charles Riley (@CRrileyCNN) September 27, 2016

The phone was charging when it started to smoke, before bursting into flames, he said. Read more...

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We need to talk about Colin Kaepernick becoming the 49ers starting quarterback

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

SAN FRANCISCO — Well, this would certainly turn up the heat. 

The guy whose silent national anthem protests sparked a movement and ignited backlash? It's one thing when he's a reserve who fades into the background after the song's final note. 

It's quite another when he's the starting quarterback for one of the most iconic franchises in professional footballColin Kaepernick isn't there yet, but the scenario is becoming more and more plausible as his San Francisco 49ers struggle to find any sort of offensive momentum. 

SEE ALSO: 'Courageous' teens who protested while playing national anthem are part of 50 years of history Read more...

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Best sports-movie showdowns, from soccer to boxing

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

The team coming together. The underdog emerging victorious. The realization of so much previously unrealized desire. 

There’s a reason sports movies are so popular: What could be a more dramatic climax than an epic showdown on the field or court? Here CineFix presents ten favorite showdowns in a variety of sports.

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The most incredible slow-mo moments in film history

Tuesday Sep 27th 2016

Slow motion is one of the oldest (and still best!) tricks in the filmmaker’s playbook. Slowing down the action at precisely the right moment can add gravitas and drama to an important scene. 

Here,  CineFix presents some of our favorite serious and not-so-serious slow-mo scenes.

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