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Updated: 22 hours 12 min ago

Teddy the Dog Desperately Tries to Retrieve Ball From Evil Chair

22 hours 30 min ago

Poor Teddy. At least you can still get by on your looks.

Teddy — who is "not the brightest dog in the world," according to his owner — tries to retrieve his precious ball from between the spokes on the back of a kitchen chair. For a gleaming moment, he barely figures out how to go around to the front, but he sadly still ends up defeated by his wooden foe.

It's okay, pup. You'll get it one day.

'Internet Trolls' Musical Gives Upbeat Tune to World's Worst People

‘Dawson's Creek’ Is Infinitely Better With Dachshunds

If 'The Shining' Took Place in IKEA

Modern Horror Villains Crash the Party in Updated 'Monster Mash' Read more...

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Picturing the Blizzard That Caused Nepal's Worst-Ever Mountaineering Disaster

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

The deadliest mountaineering disaster in Nepal's history occurred last week, when the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Hudhud pushed moist air up against the tall peaks of the Himalayas. The result, as the air climbed the rocky mountainsides while cooling and condensing as it did so, was a staggering 6.5 feet of snow at a time of year when foul weather is rarely seen

The blizzard and related avalanches struck right when hundreds of relatively inexperienced climbers from around the world come to travel along the famed Annapurna trail

See also: Nepal Ends Blizzard Rescue Efforts as Death Toll Nears 40 Read more...

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Vine Updates iOS App With Enhanced Discovery and Sharing Tools

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Vine just made it easier for its users to discover and share new videos.

The iOS version of the app was updated Tuesday with new discovery features that allow users to find new videos, regardless of how many users they follow.

See also: 11 Vines for When You Can't Contain Your Excitement

Vine users can now follow specific channels, a feature first introduced last year that categorizes videos based on broad themes such as animals, comedy, DIY, food or style. Now, when you select a particular channel, you have the ability to follow it by tapping the plus symbol in the upper right hand corner of the app. Following a channel will surface "selected featured posts" from within that category in your main feed, even if you don't follow the user who posted it Read more...

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This Harry Potter Rap Is For Muggles Wishing Quidditch Was a Real Sport

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

"Just because you're flying on the ground doesn't mean it isn't fun at all, doesn't mean it isn't fun at all. No, and foreheads ain't the only place you can get scars that make you special," Sebastian Milla raps at the end of his Harry Potter-themed song

His "Snitches and Seekers" rap, featured in the just-released Mudbloods documentary, is about the fictional international sporting event called Quidditch, which students on campuses everywhere have turned into a real-life club sport with brooms.

See also: 14 Lessons from 'Harry Potter' on Staying Friends After College

Milla, a 2013 graduate of University of California, Los Angeles, penned the rap when he was a member — a chaser to be exact — of UCLA's Quidditch teamMudbloods, released Oct. 14 on demand, follows UCLA's team as they compete for glory in the Fifth Annual Quidditch World Cup. Read more...

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Google and Others Sink $542 Million Into Mystery Virtual Reality Venture

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Search giant Google, along with several other interests, just invested more than half a billion dollars in a mysterious venture called Magic Leap, a company that, based on various reports, is working on technology focused on the virtual reality and augmented reality space

So far, the company has kept a tight lid on what exactly it has to offer in terms of technical specifics but, whatever it is, Google and several other major players believe it's worth the $542 million in investment dollars announced on Tuesday

See also: 5 Roadblocks to Virtual Reality Becoming Mainstream

Also included in the investment round are Silicon Valley heavyweight venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, private equity firm KKR, Vulcan Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, film studio Legendary Entertainment and telecom company Qualcomm Read more...

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'Internet Trolls' Musical Gives Upbeat Tune to World's Worst People

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

"Internet Trolls - The Halloween Musical" is the anthem of our online generation.

In their latest video, AVByte takes a break from their bread and butter Disney princess feminism ballads to address the subject of nasty Internet trolls.

The New York-based comedy group tells Mashable it wasn’t a singular event that led to their targeting of trolls, but rather Internet culture in general.

“We were looking at ‘The Fappening,’ and how trolling and sites like 4chan were involved,” says AVByte co-founder Antonius Nazareth. “At the same time, we've been on the receiving end of some really intense, but fun and lighthearted, trolling and we just finally wanted to address it in a video.” Read more...

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Apple iPad Mini 3: Still Great, But Not as Good a Deal

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

What can I say about the iPad mini 3 that hasn’t already been said? No, seriously, what can I say? Apple’s latest mini is essentially the same product as the first iPad Mini With Retina display with exactly four upgrades, only three of which are significant.

Apple’s iPad Mini 3 is exactly the same size and shape as the last model: 7.8 x 5.3 x 0.29 inches. It still features a 2,048 x 1,536 Retina resolution screen, but did not get new screen technology so it's not as thin as the iPad Air 2.

See also: Apple iPad Air 2: Thin, Beautiful and Powerful

Its four new features are the Touch ID home button, secure element for Apple Pay, iOS 8.1 and a gold finish option. Read more...

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12 Gorgeous Moments From Hollywood's Love Affair With Oscar de la Renta

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Gowns by Oscar de la Renta, the iconic designer who died Monday, have been practically obligatory for Hollywood's most fashionable for decades. From the Academy Awards to Cannes Film Festival to the Golden Globes, there was scarcely a red carpet in the past 15 years that didn't showcase a big star, or three, wearing his designs.

Born in the Dominican Republic, de la Renta launched his first line in 1965 in New York by way of Madrid and Paris, where he studied fashion with legends at Lanvin and Balenciaga. He's been a fixture in the high-fashion scene ever since.

See also: Fashion Legend Oscar de la Renta Is Dead at 82 Read more...

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14 Things Thicker Than the iPad Air 2

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Apple's done it again

The mammoth tech company unveiled the new iPad Air 2 on Oct. 16. At just 6.1 millimeters, or 0.24 of an inch, it's the thinnest tablet yet.

Want to put that size in perspective? In Apple's demonstration, they laser-cut a pencil in half lengthways to illustrate iPad's insanely small dimensions

We decided to kick that up a notch and see just how thin the new device is when compared to everyday objects. From slices of Kraft cheese to slender magazines to Big Mac burger patties, we sized up Apple's tiny tablet

See also: The iPad's Glory Days Are Over. Where Does It Go Now?

Image: Mashable

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Apple iPad Air 2: Thin, Beautiful and Powerful

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Holding the original iPad in one hand and Apple’s new iPad Air 2 in the other, one can only marvel at the tablet progress Apple has made in a little more than four years.

The first iPad was a sturdily built, half-inch-thick, 1.5-pound device. In 2010, I thought it was remarkable. Today’s flagship iPad, the iPad Air 2, is smaller, lighter and much more powerful.

See also: Apple iPad Mini 3: Still Great, But Not as Good a Deal

Apple’s tablet has been shedding weight and packing in components and features for years, and much of what Apple added in this update was expected: The new Touch ID fingerprint sensor in place of the traditional home button, a more powerful, 8-megapixel iSight camera and a new 64-bit A8X processor, which is slightly different and more powerful than the A8 chip in Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones. Read more...

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Watergate Editor Ben Bradlee Dies at 93

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

WASHINGTON — In a charmed life of newspapering, Ben Bradlee seemed always to be in just the right place.

The raspy-voiced, hard-charging editor who invigorated The Washington Post got an early break as a journalist thanks to his friendship with one president, John F. Kennedy, and became famous for his role in toppling another, Richard Nixon, in the Watergate scandal.

Bradlee died at home Tuesday of natural causes, the Post reported. He was 93.

See also: 40 Years After Resignation, Interviews Show Nixon's Softer Side

Ever the newsman and ever one to challenge conventional wisdom, Bradlee imagined his own obituary years earlier and found something within it to quibble over. Read more...

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Woman Fools Titillated Redditors With Picture of Her Husband's Butt

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Be warned: There's going to be a picture of a butt in this story.

On Monday, Redditor poshpink330 submitted an image to the r/GoneWild subreddit, a community in which users "exchange their nude bodies for karma; showing it off in a comfortable environment without pressure."

See also: 5 Things Every Reddit Newbie Needs To Know

The image, which at first glance appears to be of breasts, received 60 upvotes and caused 51 users to initiate private message conversations with poshpink330. As you can imagine, those conversations were not about the weather.

About a day later, poshpink330 revealed in a follow-up post that the picture was not of breasts, and was, in fact, her husband's butt Read more...

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Watch Australian Politicians Cut Awkwardly Into Movies and TV Shows

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

MELBOURNE — Australia's politicians have sure made some memorable public appearances of late.

We've had Senator Jacqui Lambie make a case for a ban on the burqa by stumbling through an explanation of sharia law on live television, federal MP and resident dinosaur enthusiast Clive Palmer's diatribe on Chinese business relations and of course, Prime Minister Tony Abbott vowing to get all up in the face of President Putin

And what better way to archive the missteps of the nation's leaders than superimposing their faces into some of film and television's most iconic scenes?

See also: Australian Bees Engage In Warfare Over Territorial Disputes Read more...

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Google Street View Spotlights Chimpanzees Studied by Jane Goodall

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Google Street View now allows you to get a close look at the Tanzanian chimps Jane Goodall famously studied.

The company partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute and Tanzania's National Parks to map out the country's Gombe National Park, home to the chimpanzees Goodall began studying in the 1960s.

See also: 10 Famous Film Locations Revisited in Google Street View

The Street View collection features the chimps who live in the park (there's one named Google) and the Jane Goodall Institute itself, with views inside the research facilities and Goodall's own house.

"Pushing through the brush, carrying the Street View Trekker, we collected thousands of 360-degree images along the narrow paths of the park to share with the world," the company wrote in a blog post. "This imagery complements JGI’s current monitoring efforts using satellite imagery and mapping to protect 85 percent of the remaining chimpanzees in Africa." Read more...

More about Google, Google Maps, Google Street View, Tech, and Apps Software

U.S. Journalist Ashoka Mukpo Says He's Now 'Ebola Free'

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Ashoka Mukpo, the 33-year-old NBC News freelance cameraman who contracted Ebola while on assignment in Liberia on Oct. 2 and was then flown back to the U.S. for treatment, is free of the disease, he announced on Tuesday.

"Just got my results. 3 consecutive days negative. Ebola free and feeling so blessed. I fought and won, with lots of help. Amazing feeling," he tweeted. "The knowledge that there's no more virus in my blood is a profound relief. I'm so lucky. Wish everyone who got sick could feel this."

See also: Instagram Photos Show Front Lines of Liberia's Ebola Crisis

Just got my results. 3 consecutive days negative. Ebola free and feeling so blessed. I fought and won, with lots of help. Amazing feeling

— ashoka (@unkyoka) October 21, 2014

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You Can Now Watch All 552 Episodes of 'The Simpsons' on Your iPad

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Good news, cable subscribers: All 552 episodes of The Simpsons are now available to stream online and on smartphones and tablets. Say goodbye to the rest of your work week.

The Simpsons debuted on cable network FXX in August. Now, as promised, the FXNow streaming app has the first 25 seasons of The Simpsons available to view at your leisure.

See also: 11 Times 'The Simpsons' Predicted the Future of Technology

In addition to a special Simpsons World section of the FXNow app, has the same content available. The portal offers fans a way to watch full episodes, see schedules of upcoming TV marathon airings, get behind-the-scenes tidbits and buy Simpsons merchandise. Read more...

More about The Simpsons, Tv Everywhere, Media, Entertainment, and Tv

The Rest of the Songs on Lorde's 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Soundtrack

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Details about the Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 soundtrack, which was curated by Lorde, have remained a secret since Lionsgate selected her for the job

But on Tuesday, we got a glimpse of the "Royals" singer's handiwork when the track list popped up on iTunes. Republic Records also released the second song, "This Is Not a Game" (listen above), a collaboration featuring The Chemical Brothers, Miguel and Lorde

See also: 'Royals' Banned by San Francisco Radio Stations During the World Series

The soundtrack's lead-off single, Lorde's "Yellow Flicker Beat," landed last month

The track list below notably includes a Kanye West remix of "Yellow Flicker Beat," as well as an unknown "Track 5" that leaves us to guess which "various artists" will fill the slot (could it be a duet between the 17-year-old Lorde and her pal Taylor Swift? One can only hope) Read more...

More about Music, Film, Entertainment, Hunger Games, and Miguel

Sorry, Internet: Your Cat Won't Sit in That Stupid Circle

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Reddit births many brilliant ideas — including, apparently, how to teach tricks to stubborn cats

Reddit user admancb began a phenomenon known as "CatCircles," which — surprise! — is exactly what it sounds like. Here are the rules:

1. Make a circle.

2. Take a picture of your cat in said circle.

3. Upload that picture to Imgur.

4. Submit the picture to Reddit

Naturally, we had to find out for ourselves if it actually worked

BONUS: How Not to Make Your Cat Internet Famous

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

More about Reddit, Videos, Pets, Cats, and Funny

Tinder Users to Soon 'Swipe Right' for More Than Just Dates

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Tinder users will soon be able to pay for extra features that may not be related to dating.

The company is slated to roll out an update in November that adds extra paid features, CEO Sean Rad said in an interview with Forbes.

See also: 24 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed on Tinder

Rad did not elaborate on what the app's upcoming changes would be, but he said the current service, which matches users based on who's nearby, would not change

“Our core offering that you have right now is always going to remain free,” Rad said. “Next month we’re going to release a few premium features that we’re totally excited about. It’s two things that our users have been asking for for a very long time and we think there’s a great opportunity for us to introduce these features and because we’re confident the value is there…we’re going to charge for it.” Read more...

More about Dating, Tech, Apps Software, Apps And Software, and Tinder

U.S. Military Has Spent $424 Million in Campaign Against ISIS

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

WASHINGTON — The U.S. military has spent $424 million so far in its military campaign against the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

The Pentagon's press secretary, Rear Adm. John Kirby, said the cost has averaged about $7.6 million a day since the bombing began in Iraq on Aug. 8. President Barack Obama expanded the campaign by authorizing airstrikes in Syria in late September.

See also: Crazy Ebola and ISIS Quotes From Politicians Up for Election in 2014

The U.S. military also is flying large numbers of aerial refueling and surveillance and reconnaissance missions over Iraq and Syria, and it has about 1,400 U.S. military personnel on the ground in Iraq. There are no U.S. troops in Syria. Read more...

More about Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Isis, and Us World
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