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Updated: 4 hours 10 min ago

The future of tech is amazing (and terrifying)

4 hours 36 min ago

It’s 2026. 

Your Uber is zipping along at 100mph, and yet you haven’t spilled a drop of your morning coffee. 

You often eat breakfast on the way to work these days, and thanks to the active-tilt feature in this self-driving Toyota, your freshly-baked pastry never leaves the plate. You sleep 30 minutes more every night, since automated cars have raised speed limits and relegated traffic jams to the internet archives. 

Heck, you even bought a nicer house: Who needs to live in overpriced cities when you can sleep, eat, and play Resident Evil 17 on your commute? 

And when you pull up to the security gates at LikeFood HQ (“It’s Food, Virtually!"), you do so in a city that’s quiet, clean and virtually pollution-free: No more parking lots, no more car horns, no more smog. Many of the old streets are pedestrianized these days, and sometimes you hop out early to hit your mandatory daily step count. (HealthTrack Insurance: “The more you share, the more you save”.) Read more...

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Instrument of destruction: An in-depth breakdown of the Tiberius particle neutralizer

4 hours 39 min ago

It's the most hotly contested issue in Washington: Can we save lives by making it easier to kill? 

For the affirmative, Exhibit A is SuperSoldier's newest piece of advance weaponry, the Tiberius particle neutralizer. Tiberius promises to instantaneously disassemble a target's atomic makeup by triggering a destructive quantum-level chain reaction, no matter where on the body the shot lands. 

However, those opposed to the weapon are clinging to the sanctity of life, and the idea that wars don't end with the last breath of the final enemy soldier. 

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Tech giant hacks electronic memory recall of president, plans to use as evidence in impeachment case

4 hours 39 min ago

Ever wanted to know just how honest the President is? Thanks to a recent White House data breach, your wish might come true. And, honestly, it’s a big problem for the President.

White House Officials have confirmed reports of a data breach in their Memory Content Server. This server was home to hundred of thousands of hours of Redo information, i.e. everything stored on the President Miriana Grand’s MemGrain. 

MemGrains, a bean sized hard drive stored directly into the human brain, allowing users to store and re-watch their memories, records everything that the users sees. The technology has been at the heart of many controversies since its release, from a series of forced Grain removals to rising divorce rates due to couples watching each other’s stored memories. However, this is the first time the technology is being used in an impeachment trial, as President Grand is the first President with an installed Grain.  Read more...

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Brain transfer tech inspires birthing factories to begin quest for immortality

4 hours 39 min ago

Einstein. Franklin. Curie. Countless great minds lost to humanity’s greatest flaw: death.    

But what if we could save those brains?    

Since the early 2020s, venture capitalists and tech entrepreneurs have been pouring money into brain transfer research in hopes of curing death. Mind Transference, a state-of-the-art surgical procedure, allows doctors to remove the brain from a dying body and transport it into a healthy one. And following the first successful transfer in 2027, brain transfers are on the rise, and — unsurprisingly — it’s changing the world as we know it.   

Image: Pixabay/stevepb 

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Body cam footage from gamer 'Lynx' leads to horrifying revelation about the Champions eSports League

4 hours 40 min ago

The Champions eSports League is facing multiple charges of kidnapping and involuntary conscription following the release of first-person video footage from the night of the EvoWar III Title Deathmatch. 

It should have been the greatest night of Laura Richardson's life.  

She exited the stage to the thunderous applause of a raucous, sold-out arena crowd as strobe lights feverishly pulsed and a deafening EDM soundtrack poured into the atmosphere and shook the floor beneath her feet. 

Richardson (gamertag: Lynx) had just stolen the most coveted honor in the eSports world from the grasp of the odds-on favorite – and done so in dramatic fashion.  Read more...

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Protestors suppressed during anti-particle neutralizer march on Capitol Hill

4 hours 40 min ago

The canister of tear gas skipped once along the pavement before clanging against the steel walls of Jeffrey Jones Waterson's wheelchair.    

It wasn't the first time in his life that he'd received such a warning: Waterson, who served three tours in the Pan-Pacific Conflict, led an elite unit of breach-and-clear ground forces and has seen the full gamut of entry deterrents.    

But as the canister hissed and plumes of o-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile filled his lungs and burned his corneas, he felt an unfamiliar and traumatic sting.    


When Waterson and a crowd of 8,200 protestors were suppressed by non-lethal means during a protest of weaponized particle neutralizer technology earlier this morning, it felt to the disabled veteran as if his country were turning its back on his service – and his sacrifice.     Read more...

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CEO of PRNT3D opens up to 'Mashable' about company's success

4 hours 41 min ago

Todd Mirawitz says he's always wanted to change the world for the better.

"I don't really even remember when I started saying this, but my mom used to tell me that, as a little kid, this would be my answer when people would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up," says the 29-year-old wunderkind, who recently spoke with Mashable about the whirlwind of success surrounding PRNT3D, his 3D bio-printing startup. "A lot of kids would say, like, they want to be an astronaut or a firefighter or a superhero, something like that. But I guess I would just say, 'I want to change the world.' I didn't have a plan for it at the time or anything, but — and it's weird to say out loud — I guess me and the people I've worked with the past few years have changed the world in some way, and I'd definitely say it's for the better." Read more...

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5 ways your VR divorce can hit you where it hurts, and how to fight back

4 hours 41 min ago

"Our love is unreal."    

It's been two years since VR marriage became legal in virtually every country, and the pro-VR rallying cry is still reverberating through cyberspace. But while the slogan once stood for open-mindedness and uninhibited affection, the words have now become a punch line for a seemingly flawed idea.     

According to a recent Gallup poll, a dizzying 83 percent of VR marriages end in Mediated Digital Dissolution (MDD), which, among other things, proves that some "love" simply isn't real.    

It also decides who "gets the family Bible," so to speak.    

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Game over: How one elite gamer was allegedly brainwashed and forced into combat

4 hours 41 min ago

Orson Scott used to be a staunch pacifist. And if you ask him, he still is.

The 22-year-old says he believes deep down that war and justice are unjustifiable except, potentially, in the most extreme of situations when there is literally no other valid option — and he says he's always felt that way. 

It's a strange and extremely unexpected thing to hear from someone who has 208 confirmed kills in war zones around the world over a three-year period, but Scott seems fully earnest — and adamant — about his non-violent nature.

He claims he was robbed of his adolescence, and his innocence, all in one terrible fell swoop — when he was "just a damn kid." Read more...

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Lolita 2.0: Questions raised about older men's brains installed in young women's bodies

4 hours 41 min ago

Those with the proper financial means can now live essentially forever by transplanting their brains into a never-ending series of body hosts.

Which raises the question: Just because someone can potentially live forever, should they?

Using innovative Mind Transference technology, med startup HEAVENCANWAIT has developed a program that provides a selection of deceased donor bodies of different ages and genders to its clients — and upon transfer, the body animates with the mind and consciousness of its new brain. The program also offers the option to adopt a new identification and re-enter the world as essentially a different person. (The brains from many donor bodies are rumored to go to the recently maligned PRNT3ED.)  Read more...

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Hundreds of AI clothes recalled after mounting reports of owner deaths

4 hours 41 min ago

Late last night, 23-year-old Amelia Smith woke up on the floor of her bathroom, gasping for air.   

Afterwards, she posted a photo to Facebook to let friends and family know what had just happened.    

Dozens of others have not been so lucky.   

Amid mounting reports of owner deaths, hundred of garments made by AI clothing company SMRThreads have been recalled due to a threat of strangling, asphyxiation and poisoning.    

SMRThreads has set up recall bins at their brick and mortar locations across the country, where people can drop off their FiitPerfect® shirts, TempRight pants and NutriTs. In return they’ll receive a comp code for a future SMRThreads purchase.    Read more...

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Wunderkind startup CEO is catfishing bot's most recent victim

4 hours 41 min ago

It used to be that in order to be "catfished," a human being had to use the internet to pose as another human being, usually through a dating app or service, in order to fool the person they were digitally courting.    

But the internet isn't what it used to be.   

The term has its own definition on that says a "catfish" is a slang term for a person who assumes a false identity or personality on the internet, especially on social-media websites, as to deceive, manipulate, or swindle."     

Catfishing fooled and frightened countless individuals who entered pseudo-relationships with people who ended up not being who they'd initially thought they were.    Read more...

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Breaking: Hacker vigilante brings down PRNT3D empire after unearthing 'brain harvesting' scandal

4 hours 41 min ago
Update, 5:34PM:

Lechler just addressed the media, applauding the professionalism and quick-work by members of the Department of Justice, and even thanked partially BadGurlRyRy for revealing what may be remember as the most egregious ethical violation in the history of Corporate America. 

"I cannot, in any way, condone how these key pieces of evidence were obtained," Lechler says. "But I will say that today was a huge victory for the Internet. Wherever you are, bravo."

Update, 5:07PM:

Todd Mirawitz has been taken into State custody and was escorted out of PRNT3D's offices in handcuffs. Lechler has ordered for the immediate shut down of corporate operations and demanded that all drone prototypes be handed over to the State to undergo evaluation.  Read more...

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10 ‘Civilization VI’ beginner tips to help you rule the world

Thursday Oct 20th 2016

Strategy games can be imposing beasts, with layered systems and complex progression. Firaxis’ newly released Civilization VI breaks down barriers thanks to an approach that makes complexity welcoming instead of daunting.

SEE ALSO: 5 major changes that make 'Civilization VI' feel like a better game

Long-time fans will feel at home quickly, despite some major changes. Those who have always toyed with the idea of experimenting with the long-running strategy franchise will find a fantastic introduction in this installment. But in case you need a helping hand, we’ve got you covered with a set of tips to guide you through your first game. Read more...

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Hillary Clinton delivered these 18 zingers to Donald Trump's face

Thursday Oct 20th 2016

Hillary Clinton slayed her opponent Donald Trump in the humor department during a charity event on Thursday night.

The duo were speaking at the Alfred E. Smith dinner in New York. The event is meant to be a breather from the intensity of the campaign and normally sees the candidates poke fun at each other. Clinton got the memo and delivered zingers in spades. Trump, well, was Trump.

SEE ALSO: Trump didn't quite get the memo on charity dinner with Hillary Clinton

To save you the hassle of sitting through the torture of Trump teasing us with a single Melania joke, here's Clinton in her finest moments. Zing. Zing. Zing.  Read more...

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Donald Trump's unprecedented lack of ad spending has hurt local media

Thursday Oct 20th 2016

Local television stations count on elections to provide a quadrennial flood of cash, but this year, Donald Trump's anemic ad spending has left them wanting.

Despite earlier projections that suggested a record-breaking bump this election cycle, it seems the GOP nominee's reluctance to spend sunk those hopes, according to a new report from media forecast firm Magna.

SEE ALSO: Here is the Donald Trump campaign's first TV ad

Instead, the Clinton camp has been filling the gap, bumping local political spending up 3 percent from 2012 — a measly sum compared to the lofty 15 percent expected.

It's just one of many conventional predictions that Trump's erratic campaign upended this year. Read more...

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UberEats cash in on millennials love of smashed avocado by offering free meals

Thursday Oct 20th 2016

Uber have weighed in on #AvocadoGate in the most uber way possible. See a topical opportunity and market the hell out of it.

After an article was published in a national newspaper, asserting that the reason millennials couldn’t break into the urban housing market was because of their luxuriant brunch habits, the smashed avocado-loving millennials of Australia fought back with applause-worthy tenacity.

SEE ALSO: Smashed avocado millennial debate takes a turn for the ridiculously ironic

Hearing the battle cry of their target demographic, UberEats are offering brunch on the house for one weekend only, across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne Perth and Adelaide.  Read more...

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'Tinder murder' trial almost derailed by juror's daily Instagram habit

Thursday Oct 20th 2016

A juror in the Australian "Tinder murder trial" of 30-year-old man Gable Tostee almost caused a retrial hours before the verdict was read because she was regularly posting to Instagram. 

Tostee was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter charges. 

Identifying herself as a jury member and commenting on the trial to well over 2,000 followers, the woman (who can't be identified) caused a delay in the trial's deliberations, while defence lawyer Saul Holt QC argued the jury be broken up and the very lengthy trial rendered invalid.

And all because the woman was particularly found of taking coffee cup portraits.  Read more...

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Follow the money: New tool from Bing maps the flow of campaign cash

Thursday Oct 20th 2016

How do the billions of dollars shaping this election seep through the United States?

A new project from Microsoft's Bing and political tech firm Circa Victor looks to answer that question by drawing on dozens of types of public disclosures.

SEE ALSO: Today in Trump mockery: The return of the ‘short-fingered vulgarian'

Location data on vendors that serve campaigns and super PACs is fed into Circa Victor's system in real time, giving visitors a rough picture of how much each candidate is spending in each state.

The company claims the entire process is quick enough that it oftentimes updates before donations are officially tallied and tracked. Read more...

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Article on 'fairy bread' incurs the wrath of an angry nation

Thursday Oct 20th 2016

If you're going to pen a culinary guide to something, you should probably make sure you don't incur the wrath of an entire nation.

U.S. food magazine Epicurious recently wrote about the colourful Australian staple of kids birthday parties: Fairy bread. 

Presumably, the piece was meant to food-splain fairy bread to the overseas masses, but it was interpreted by Australians back home, as a hipster-esque food fetishisation that got it all wrong.

SEE ALSO: Creative foodie mum makes kid's lunch into edible famous characters

For the unacquainted, fairy bread consists of cheap white bread, margarine (imitation butter) and a layer of rainbow sprinkles. Read more...

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