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The Benefits of Search Engine Registration Services

If web traffic is the blood of the internet, as you might say, then a search engine is the heart.  Approximately over 200 million web searches are conducted each day, and that number continues to grow. This is a lot of traffic, and taking advantage of this traffic is the number one goal of virtually every webmaster and blogger out there.


Getting onto as many search engines, and their results pages, as you can is a path to success for your page.  This is why search engine registration services can be useful for your website and blog. This article will talk about search engine registration services and how they can aid your rankings.


What is Search Engine Registration?

Search engine registration is a process by which you formally list your website with a search engine so that it appears in a directory. Yahoo! Directory™ is perhaps the most extensive directory online, followed by ODP (dmoz™) and countless others.  There are tons, from business-to-business (B2B) to commercial directories and search engines.


(Contrary to what others may think, Google™ does not require search engine registration. You should submit your URL to Google™ to increase the chances that it’ll be indexed, but it is by no means a requirement and doesn’t cost you anything. Companies that push paid search engine registration services for Google™ are misleading you and should be avoided.)


For Free Search Engine Submission of your URL please see:

Add your URL to Google

Yahoo! Search Submission

Submit your site to Bing


Why Use Search Engine Registration Services?

The benefits of using services all point back to increased exposure for your website. Your website has to be indexed by a search engine’s crawler, and if it isn’t, then your website is invisible. Submitting your website to these engines and directories either guarantees or increases the chance that your website is indexed (depending on the engine).


Of course, there is something to be said for convenience.  The second major reason, in addition to visibility and exposure, is convenience, and with search engine registration services, you forgo the incredible hassle of submitting your website to all of these engines and directories.


There are an untold number of these entities online, and making sure you are registered with even the important ones, much less the full slate of offerings, is very time consuming.  This doesn’t even factor into the pain of actually finding these services and determining which ones you should choose.


Professional search engine registration services eliminate this hassle and do the legwork for you.  It is much easier and faster to go with these services than to try and go it alone by yourself. Of course, you can have a successful website without registering your website at all, but it is more difficult and uncertain.


And in a hyper-competitive world, more difficulty is a bad thing!


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