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Capturing Local Market Share with Local SEO and Organic Marketing Strategy

The internet is a global phenomenon, but it is also a local phenomenon, and has revolutionized how local businesses advertise.


These days, everyone uses the internet to search for flowers, restaurants, music stores, shopping centers, supplies, and other locations and needs. Some still turn to Google™ as often as we do the Yellow Pages (print version, of course) to find a number or address.


For this reason, local SEO and organic marketing strategy is huge when it comes to capturing local market share and attracting customers. This article will talk about local SEO and organic marketing strategy and how adopting one can help you with capturing a local audience efficiently and effectively.


What You Should Include in Your Local SEO Strategy


Local SEO and organic marketing strategy covers a lot of areas, all of which are very important for success.  The goal is to capture the attention of as many search engine users in the local area as possible so that your business or organization is at the top of search engine results pages – resulting in more traffic to your physical location (if you have one) or more traffic to your virtual location.


A few areas you should focus on include:

  • Placement in Google Places™: Google Places™ is the top destination online for business directories. If you have a physical location, Google Places™ is a must. It features your business contact information, address, website, description, reviews, maps, and more, and helps users find your services.
  • Visibility in online directories: There are other online directories of local businesses, including Yelp™, Yahoo!™, YellowPages™, your local Chamber of Commerce, and trade-specific destinations like™.  You will want these optimized for your keywords, including sufficient links to your pages.
  • Keyword strategy: Your keywords should be localized in that they should have your city name included, if at all possible. “Online Marketing Services” is not nearly as good as “Montreal Online Marketing Services”.

Optimize Your Content with a Local Style

Your content should also be localized in your local SEO and organic marketing strategy. Be sure to optimize your localized keywords with appropriate keyword density (1%-2%) and include details that make your content stand out as unique to your local area.


What areas do you service? What do you offer local residents? Talk about the merits of your business as they pertain to your target audience. This is your chance to reach out to them and show search engines that you are relevant and credible.


Local keywords will help your pages stand out to Google™ and other search engines, so be sure to include them not only in the content, but also in description and title tags, URLs, domain names, links, and other important on-page elements.


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