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Gaining a Competitive Edge with Google Search Engine Optimization

In this business – the business of online marketing – Google is king.


Gaining a Competitive Edge with Google Search Engine Optimization

It is by far the number one search engine out there, with a larger market share than virtually every other major competitor combined.


For this reason, Google search engine optimization is a major field and continues to be incredibly important for any website or blog that wants to achieve success. Optimizing your website for Google’s standards is the key to success.

This article will cover how Google search engine optimization can help your website gain a competitive edge in the market.

An Overview of Google Search Engine Optimization

Google SEO can be broken up into three general areas:

  • Keyword research, strategy and usage
  • Website architecture
  • Original, useful and relevant content

These are the three general areas that Google focuses on when ranking your page. Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that – there are untold factors that play into your website’s ranking, and the precise algorithms are a closely-guarded secret.

In general, though, focusing on these areas for Google search engine optimization will help you make your website the best it can be.

Proper Keyword Strategy

Google likes to see a proper keyword strategy, keywords that are relevant and tailored enough to not be too vague, but not be too specific either.

Proper keywords are ones that are popular – ones that are actually typed into Google day in and day out.  Proper keywords are also appropriately focused, and are relevant to your particular topic or subject.

Localized keywords – ones with a city, state, or region in the phrase – help to refine your phrase and make it more attractive from a competitive standpoint.  Proper density – anywhere between 1%-2% - is also a plus.

Website Architecture

Google search engine optimization also relies on effective website architecture – everything from your sitemap to your URL.

Your URL should be simple to read and type, and should include your keyword if at all possible.  Also, having a simple website navigational structure is preferable, since it helps Google’s spider crawl your site more efficiently.

You can help this by having internal links on all of your subpages, and have incoming links head to various subpages instead of only to the first page.

Useful and Relevant Content

The third area of Google search engine optimization involves content. Your content should be relevant, free from keyword spam, and refreshed/updated on a regular basis. The more unique content you have, with varying keywords, the more attractive your content will be.

Original content is king. Having useful and unique content is the golden path to proper Google search engine optimization. Follow the general guidelines above and consult with a professional SEO company and your Google search engine rankings should improve dramatically.


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