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How Relevant Link Building Strengthens Your Website Marketing

The internet is the greatest force ever known to mankind for interconnectivity and networking.  One important advantage of this for website owners is networking, the science (and art, at times) of building connections between your site and blog and the millions of other portals online.


If web traffic is blood, then hyperlinks are blood vessels, sending billions of users rapidly from one destination to the other.  A successful website or blog thrives on a rich network of links to and from the website, delivering visitors on a daily basis.


Link building is, hands down, one of the most effective and powerful strategies for your off-page marketing strategies.


This article will talk about how link building strengthens your website marketing campaign and adds value to your website and blog.


Link Building 101: Why It Matters

Link building is the process by which you add incoming links from external websites.

The more incoming links you have, in general, the better your page ranking will be. Links are assumed to play a major role in how a search engine, namely Google™, ranks your website. They suggest that your site is authoritative and credible enough to have others want to direct their users to it. Of course, there are limits to that, which we will talk about below.


So, links serve two purposes:

  1. Garner high levels of reliable web traffic (since you can influence which websites link to you and can choose websites that are similar to yours in terms of your audience
  2. Bolster your search engine rankings through more authority and credibility in the online community

How to Craft a Powerful Network for Your Website

How is link building accomplished? What are some major strategies for establishing a credible and reliable network of links?


One common strategy is to use information as a link. This can be accomplished by having your content submitted to a variety of quality and relevant websites and blogs. This can send a lot of highly-targeted traffic your way.


If you have a blog, commenting on others’ blogs and engaging in a reciprocal relationship can help build connections and networks.


Also, join directories and other related websites, like StumbleUpon™, Digg™ and Yelp™. Users love these websites and being mentioned on a directory or on websites like Digg™ is a goldmine of traffic.


Also take advantage of social networking to get your information and content out there so that others take interest in what you say. Pay-per-click campaigns for commercial websites can provide additional link building help.


Link building services from professional companies are invaluable, so definitely look into those as well. 


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We respect your privacy. We will by no means misuse or give away your e-mail address.