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The Importance of Careful Keyword Research in Your SEO Campaign

The Importance of Careful Keyword Research in Your SEO CampaignThe road to success in e-commerce and online marketing goes squarely through a well-executed and well-designed SEO campaign – and the road to that step goes through careful keyword research.

Keywords are the most basic and most important building blocks of a search engine optimization strategy, bar none. Keyword research unlocks this power and helps you identify which words are worth pursuing and optimizing – helping you to drive relevant traffic as much as possible to your website.

Here we will discuss how careful keyword research is vital to a campaign, and will go over steps you can take to make your research worthwhile.

Why Keyword Research Matters

Researching your keywords matters for one, very important reason: Without the right keywords, your website is invisible.

This is obvious on a very basic level. If you have a blog about sports, having keywords that aren’t related at all to sports won’t do you any good. But, even having keywords related to sports in general – without being relevant to your blog or website – won’t do you any good either.

Keyword research allows you to find the keywords and phrases that are:


1. Relevant

2. Popular

3. Properly focused

Relevant keywords relate to your topic. If you have a blog about, say, professional basketball, you want keywords that reflect that, such as “NBA blog”, pro basketball news”, etc. “Basketball” and other vague keywords probably aren’t specific enough.

Popular keywords are those that have good potential for attracting visitors. “Basketball” would be very popular, as would “NBA news”, etc. You want a keyword that people actually use, not one that may be relevant but isn’t widely used.

Finally, a properly focused keyword is one that isn’t too vague but isn’t too narrow, either. Find a good middle ground. For example, “basketball” is relevant and popular, but is too vague. “Southwestern Indiana high school basketball” may be relevant, but probably is too narrowly focused to draw in enough visitors.

Keys to Solid Keyword Research

Start off by identifying the theme, topic, or niche of your blog or website. How would you describe your content in 1-3 words? Often, you will find that this little exercise will match up pretty well with your ideal keywords.

Consider your location, specialty, or any other identifier that will help you narrow your keyword a bit. Then, once you have a good idea of your theme, do a keyword research to find popular keywords that fit what you are writing or blogging about.

Keep in mind the three principles above, and you will be able to find keywords that will boost your traffic. Using paid keyword strategy services is a good investment and can really make the difference in your SEO campaign as well. 


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