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Three Search Engine Optimization Techniques that Really Work

Three Search Engine Optimization Techniques that Really WorkIn the Google era in which we live today, the importance of high-quality search engine optimization cannot be understated. Millions of visitors flock to Google and other search engines on a daily basis to hunt for goods, services, and information, which means the competition is fierce for such a steady stream of traffic. Making your website stand apart, above and beyond the rest, is of utmost importance.

Optimizing your web content for SEO purposes is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to boost your share of this web traffic. To do this, you need to take advantage of powerful search engine optimization techniques that work. This article will review three techniques that have been proven to generate results in the form of increased traffic.

Technique #1: Creating Relevant Content

Most search engines – including Google – rate websites on several factors. Relevancy – how much the content pertains to the keyword or key phrase – is one of the most important. Making sure your web content adheres to the theme of the keyword is crucial. This means having content that is not only relevant, but also useful.

If you are optimizing, say, “website design”, search engines are looking to make sure your content reflects that topic and is not mere keyword spam. Creating articles that offer instruction for website design on your website is a good way to generate useful and relevant content.

Technique #2: Optimizing META Tags

META Tags – the hidden tags that are in your website’s code – are important to use because they increase the likelihood that someone will click on your link. It is debatable whether or not META Tags are factored into the search engine ranking algorithms themselves (many say they aren’t), but they are incredibly useful when it comes to what the customer sees.

For example, the description tag is important because it tells the user what your website is about. So, even if another website is ranked higher than yours, a better description could result in your site being clicked instead. This is one of the more often-overlooked search engine optimization techniques out there.

Technique #3: Achieving Proper Keyword Density

Many top search engine optimization techniques revolve around keywords and key phrases. Ensuring that your website has the right keyword density is key. Most experts recommend a keyword density of approximately 1%-2% per page. Of course, the number of key phrases you optimize your website for also matters. Having too many is detrimental, so it is recommended to stick to 1-3 per page for most content.

These search engine optimization techniques are only the tip of the iceberg. For more information, consult with a proven SEO company that specializes in advanced search engine optimization techniques for your site. 


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