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The Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Article Marketing

The Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in Article MarketingSearch engine optimization today is a multi-faceted approach to proven success in marketing and advertising for websites and blogs. One facet of that approach is article marketing, an effective strategy that is more than worth an investment of your time and money.


Getting the word out for a website or blog and building credibility, especially for a new project, is a daunting task. Article marketing helps you with both areas and promises a nice return on investment if implemented properly.

The benefits of article marketing as a pretty nice complement for any SEO campaign.

Why Write an Article? What’s the Point?

There are two reasons to write an article, a short (450-700) word piece on your field industry, or niche:


1. Visibility

2. Credibility


In terms of sheer web traffic numbers, at least in the short term, the first one is more important. Over the long term, the second one becomes just as important. We’ll talk about both.

Visibility for a website is the fastest way to generate traffic. An article allows you to spread the word about your website. Let’s say that you have an e-commerce portal for gardening supplies. You can write articles with topics like “Three Tips for Planting Winter Flowers” that offer valuable information, tips, and techniques, and use something called a resource box at the bottom to share your website’s URL and information.

Thus, when people read your article, they are presented with your link – and hopefully click on it.

Credibility plays into establishing your website’s reputation, which causes repeat visitors and new traffic. Want to boost your credibility and reputation as an authority? Write a lot of articles and pieces and spread them across the internet. This brings us to…

How to Get Started with High-Quality Article Marketing

There are three basic steps to high-quality article marketing:


1. Creating ideas for content

2. Drafting, refining and optimizing the content

3. Publishing the content


You need to first decide on what information you want to disseminate. What do you have to offer? Once you have a good idea of what you can write about – and topics and ideas are endless – you need to actually write the articles.

For this, you can either write them yourself or contract an SEO firm to do them for you. It will cost you money but will save you an incredible amount of time.

Finally, look to get your articles published with an online article submission strategist like They have standards, like 1%-2% keyword density and a certain word limit, and require unique content. But taking advantage of their SEO services is a dependable way to boost your SEO campaign for the long haul. 


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